What is your most used class as of now?

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  3. What is your most used class as of now?

User Info: ISkyFireI

4 years ago#21
MP7 w/ Fast Mags + Laser Sight FTW
Current Black Ops 2 KD: 1.75
RIP Chaos Moshpit 4/10/13

User Info: Parkcityfan

4 years ago#22
Primary: Vector, Attachments: Supressor, Laser Sight, Adjustable Stock
Secondary: B23R
Perks: Flak jacket, Scavenger, Tactical Mask
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: None

I usually switch out my attachments for the Vector with Long Barrel, Reflex Sight, and FMJ.

User Info: TMoney650

4 years ago#23
Type-25 with targeting reticule and fast reload
Lightweight, hardline, toughness, dexterity
Bouncing betty
XBL: A Percussionist

User Info: dylan907

4 years ago#24
Primary: SCAR-H with SF, Target finder, and silencer
Secondary:Executioner Silencer (Close quarters)
Perk 1: Blind eye (So dragonfires don't kill you)
Perk 2: Fast hands (To throw your sensor grenades in a jiffy)
Tactical:Sensor grenade
Wildcard:Primary gunfighter

Really the best class out. Use your scar-h for long range sniping situations and the executioner for those tough close quarter combat encounters.

User Info: BloodySeraphim

4 years ago#25
i dont have one. i use each weapon until i gold it and then stop using it. i suppose once i gold everything i'll develop a "most used" class.

User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#26
My most used weapons are the LSAT, MSMC and SCAR-H, but lately I've been doing nothing but sniping and the game is lots more fun.

Ballistics CPU + Laser Sight

Flak Jacket
Dexterity + Tac Mask (Perk 3 greed)


Tac Insert or Claymore
PSN: Toastie88 | XBL: Mor7al S7rike | Steam: webbc99
Playing: Final Fantasy VII, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Dark Souls

User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

4 years ago#27
SWAT w/Select Fire and Suppressor.

Flak Jacket/Hardline.
Tac Mask.

Been tearing through people with this.

It chews through ammo though, and sometimes gets A LOT of hit detections before putting someone down.
It doesn't make me unfaithful, unless I'm laying down the cable...

User Info: Ragnar0k0nline

4 years ago#28
I've been diggin' this set up:

AN-94 w/Stock and Extended Mags
No secondary
Flak Jacket/Hardline* or Lightweight*
Tactical Mask/Extreme Conditioning*
EMP Grenade
Perk * Greed Wildcard for however I'm feeling.

Or take out the Perk Wildcard and run the FHJ and an extra EMP grenade if there are a lot of UAVs and such.
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User Info: roach06

4 years ago#29
FAL + primary gunfighter
Target finder

N/A, why use a secondary?

none, I can shoot people faster/better than throwing random grenades.

Flak Jacket
Dexterity + Tac mask.
GT: Roach4488
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  3. What is your most used class as of now?

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