Trying to create the ideal AR class

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User Info: mkshifteuphoria

4 years ago#1
My 3 most used weapons are the FAL, AN-94, and MSMC, in that order. I'm pretty satisfied with my MSMC class, laser sight + fast mags + 5 perks, but I'm having a TON of trouble deciding on what to do with my AR classes, specifically the AN-94. So, I thought I'd get the community's opinion on a few things First off, I run a stock on all ARs, that's just mandatory, and I really, really prefer fast mags as I used Sleight of Hand on every class since COD4, so with the Pick 10 system I'm kind of torn.

- How do you feel about quickdraw + dexterity on the AN-94? I really like it as it allows me to be competitive against SMGs, but I also find tac mask invaluable, which means perk 3 greed is necessary. I know sprinting everywhere isn't ideal but I really miss that instantaneous ADS speed without it, and tac mask is useless if no one's using tactical grenades.

- Fast mags on the AN-94? The reload cancel time is really quick, but every millisecond counts. If I run quick/stock/fast mags, I only have room for 1 perk greed, and I have a tough time deciding between toughness+scavenger and dexterity+tac mask.

- Is scavenger that necessary if you only use it for ammo? Should I just pick up another gun or drop Flack Jacket for a secondary? As my skills improve I find myself running out of ammo more and more often, but for the few times I do there's many more I don't, and I wonder if something that would help ALL the time would be better (i.e. dexterity)

I have more questions but I'm sure this is long enough already :)

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#2
AN-94 w/ Stock and Reflex or Quickdraw

Flak Jacket
Scav + Toughness
Tac Mask

EMP Grenade

Enjoy being immune to everything with one of if not the best slaying weapons in the game
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User Info: Baseballtitan

4 years ago#3
Best part about the AN94 is that the reload cancel time is the same exact speed as fast mags so you never need to use a point on that.
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User Info: MissElena

4 years ago#4
Well, no doubt the AN is pretty destructive in the right hands. Fact is, it's reload (with canceling) is quicker than most smg's. Qiickdraw, in my opinion, is necessary, considering I find myself aiming down around every corner., not so much needed as it is a luxury. You'll get a nice edge if you have it but you'll probably do just as fine without.
Scavenger I pretty much need, considering the AN goes through ammo like crazy (with silencer). However, if your pretty adaptable with other weapons that you find on the ground, than I say ditch.

That said, my personal setup for the AN is stock/quickdraw/grip. It features pretty open sights, so no sight is needed. It's recoil is pretty manageable, even fired full auto with silencer.

Tac Mask is a waste of a perk, considering its for equipment that you'll most likely not find yourself caught in. Dexterity is a better choice for, like you said, that instant ADS, which can be a lifesaver.

Flak Jacket is also questionable. Chances are, if you survive an explosion that would normally kill you, than you'll be dead soon anyways.
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User Info: Madsprayer

4 years ago#5
I like to run:

AN w/silencer and stock

KAP 40

Hardline cause I need it/ghost





I have been looking for a new class and fatclemenza's looks good. imma try it.

User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#6
AN-94 - stock + suppressor/reflex/quickdraw

Hardline or flak jacket
Scavenger + toughness
Tactical mask

C4/bouncing betty/EMP/trophy system/smoke grenade (I typically run trophy system)
Perk 2 greed

You can modify the perks as you like, depending on what you find is important. For example, you may want to use flak jacket + hardline along with scavenger for objective games. You could also skip scavenger altogether if equipment isn't that important to you. I personally use it because I tend to stay alive for long periods of time. Hardline would probably be the easiest thing to give up, especially if your killstreaks aren't a big focus.
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User Info: mkshifteuphoria

4 years ago#7
@fatclemenza - yeah, that's pretty much identical to the set up I have now, only difference is I run perk 3 greed and dexterity, I hear EMP + scavenger is an excellent combo though. I'll have to try it out

@Baseballtitan - Seriously? Once I had the timing down I could have sworn it was just as quick as reloading with fast mags, if that's the case then it makes my decision much easier.

@MissElena - Excellent advice. I agree that dexterity is more of a luxury than a necessity, and tac mask is only useful if the other team is spamming tactical grenades. I think I use tac mask because I hate getting killed close to a high score streak because of concussion grenades and the like. The sights on the AN-94 are probably my favorite in the game, so I usually don't use optics, but the muzzle flash can be a bit annoying, so I'm thinking of running a supressor/quickdraw/stock class and see how that works out.
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