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User Info: Nv_Murda_859

4 years ago#1
I am so stoked for MOB OF THE DEAD!!!!!!

User Info: Wii_Mii

4 years ago#2
Me to. It's going to be epic. Im gonna struggle to sleep tonight haha
Xbox Live GT: Wrangles89

User Info: riceboyee12

4 years ago#3
I don't play zombies.
The Asian Invasion. It's coming.
PSN: riceboyee12

User Info: Wii_Mii

4 years ago#4
riceboyee12 posted...
I don't play zombies.

Why enter this topic then? Be gone milk drinker
Xbox Live GT: Wrangles89

User Info: shadowstrike600

4 years ago#5
Same hopefully get EE done on the first day
Live CrunchyMango09 World Record holder for die rise easter egg round 6

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