Terrible Teammates

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User Info: Mitchach0

4 years ago#1
Use this thread to share your experiences of just how bad your teammates were.

For example, I was playing Domination on Carrier and our team is (I think) down by about 20-25 points in the 2nd round with more than enough time to catch up. They have 2 flags capped, B and A. While my teammates were getting smashed in the 1st round, I had managed to earn a Lodestar. I call it in and after getting a few kills the opposition all flock indoors, three in that control room near A flag and the other three down in the cabin of the ship. I'm yelling out to my teammates to go in and get them out of there, but of course they do not. A waste of a decent scorestreak. But here's the kicker. Did they cap B flag while I was incapacitated? Of course they didn't, the bastards! When the Lodestar is finished, I cap B flag by myself but we end up losing narrowly. FFS...
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User Info: SevenDayCandle

4 years ago#2
Called in a VSAT and had to capture B and C on Raid alone since my teammates were idiots.
Called in the Lodestar and watched as my team lost C (couldn't hit it due to the trees).
Came out of the Lodestar to find 3 of my teammates trying to snipe/LMG B when we lost it and I didn't hear it or see anyone near B.
Went to go and get B, alone, and lost the A flag with 2 teammates in the kitchen.
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