Zombies - Whats the appeal?

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User Info: Webmaster4531

4 years ago#11
Why would anyone try for higher rounds if they just needed to kill easy opponents? Zombies have numbers and power. They don't need AI.

User Info: DKrypton

4 years ago#12
Most of the easter eggs are fun, plus working with different weapons and perks for each map keeps it interesting.
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User Info: SevenDayCandle

4 years ago#13
Idk, I've tried it numerous times. I just don't get it or really care for Zombies at all.
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User Info: bassage

4 years ago#14
SevenDayCandle posted...
Idk, I've tried it numerous times. I just don't get it or really care for Zombies at all.

Same here. I keep trying to like it, but it just bores me.

User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#15
It's kind of fun, but gets old fast. It certainly is no Left 4 Dead, that's for sure.
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User Info: Aether_Lyric

4 years ago#16
It's fun once you learn the map layouts, how to maximize your points, build all the items, different routes to take and all that stuff. But I usually only play it for a couple of days and then not play it again for like a month.

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#17
Thierrymon posted...
I tried playing zombies again after Mob of the Dead was released (i havent played since WaW zombies) but I just cant see where the fun comes from.

The game mode seems pretty popular so i was just wondering where the appeal is and whether its something I am missing. The zombies are not fun/satisfying to shoot at all (bullet sponges that just conga towards you), and there is no real randomisation to keep it interesting.

Is there something i am not seeing in my limited time with the game mode?


Agreed 100% TC...I don't get it either...Like you, I enjoy zombies games...just not in games such as this. I don't see where the fun or the appeal is in the least.

To the post that make the Pac Man comment....You are right, there really aren't many differences, both get boring & overly repetitive...Only difference is, at least Pac Man is fun in the beginning.
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User Info: roach06

4 years ago#18
Astro_B0mb posted...
Superman070776 posted...
Some people need weak AI to make them feel better when the human players become too much for them.

Ahhh he beat me to it.

me too.
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User Info: BeastlyIguana

4 years ago#19
My problem with zombies is that it's just boring. The pros that are breaking world records with every round kill themselves because they are bored. That shouldn't happen lol.
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User Info: DvoloS88

4 years ago#20
If the zombies acted like ZOMBIES and were more like the solo opening cut scene for Mob of Dead than we'd be talking. I've played all zombie maps, modes for cod and I will agree it get boring once you get your good weapons and perks because it just turns into circle strafing must. Sure theres finally a goal in mob but the over all experience is the same other than after life.
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