What do you use on Assault Rifles?

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  3. What do you use on Assault Rifles?

User Info: Terribletruth69

4 years ago#21
Primary: Assault Wep with Stock, Quick Draw, Grip/Fast Mag/Retricle/Silencer (Depends on what the gun is or match)
Secondary: None
Perk One: Light Weight/Ghost
Perk Two: Toughness
Perk Three: Dexterity
Wild Cards: Primary Weapon, Perk 1 greed

I have all my assault rifles maxed and gold except FAL and the other semi auto. This class set up works really well for me. I never use secondaries or grenades so I have neither. Plus, I figure that since you use your primary the most, you might as well buff it the most (3 attachments).


4 years ago#22
Always RDS

Extended Mags or Fast Mags depending
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User Info: WraithX_959

4 years ago#23
ACOG, QuickDraw, and Stock. Selectfire depending on the AR.

User Info: f41lurizer

4 years ago#24
openmindedhater posted...
f41lurizer posted...

So yea...AR's are the most versatile guns in the game, by far..

I wrote all those classes down lol. Thank you.

Can't tell if trolling me or actually sincerely thankful
I'll assume the latter
you're welcome...enjoi
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  3. What do you use on Assault Rifles?

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