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User Info: MrBombasticaI

4 years ago#21
Shipment (CoD4)
Castle (W@W)
Afghan (MW2)
Summit (BO)
Dome (MW3)
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User Info: Gman98310

4 years ago#22
Just Shipment.
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User Info: Snake5555555555

4 years ago#23
Sub Pens
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User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

4 years ago#24
Cool Topic, Started playing at Cod 4 so that is where i'll start.

CoD 4 - Crash
W@W - Castle
MW2 - Karachi
BO1 - Villa
MW3 - Resistance
BO2 - Grind

I was hesitant to put Crash because I know it was DLC in MW2 but that is my all time favorite CoD map. Grind is a really great map as well, Surprised a DLC map is in my top five but it really is an amazing map.

User Info: Mr_Popel

4 years ago#25
MW1 --- Overgrown
WaW --- Outskirts
MW2 --- Wasteland
BO1 --- just go away and rot already!!!
MW3 --- Offshore

... and to make it 5:

CoD3 --- updated version of Eder Dam
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User Info: colum24

4 years ago#26
MW2 - Skidrow

Surprise me with the rest.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#27
CoD1-3 - I never played those games so I don't know the maps
CoD4 - Crash
WaW - Castle
MW2 - Terminal
BO1 - Summit (I would say Nuketown or Firing Range but those maps were already remade for BO2)
MW3 - Dome
BO:D - Range (if you don''t know what BO:D is, it is Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified for PS Vita and that is my least favorite CoD title)

If you are talking about a DLC pack that would not be for BO2 but for a future CoD game, then here are maps I want:
BO1 - Firing Range
BO2 - Nuketown 2025 (and make sure to keep that one easter egg)
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User Info: Baseballtitan

4 years ago#28
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User Info: Ivany2008

4 years ago#29
COD1 - Chateau
COD2 - One of the desert towns(name escapes me)
WaW - Castle
MW1 - Pipeline
MW2 - Rust
MW3 - Hardhat
Black Ops 1 - WMD
Black Ops 2(Another Game) - Cargo

wouldnt mind seeing a map pack from the medal of honor series, even though it isn't owned by activision
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User Info: DeViLXinCaRnATe

4 years ago#30
Literally any WaW map.They were all amazing.
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