Quickscope = Stupid

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User Info: packman1010

4 years ago#21
lewismm89 posted...

.. quickly pulling there gun up..

I can't take people seriously. This guy couldn't pass 9th grade English.
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#22
xcalibur6000 posted...
Quick scoping requires no skill so that argument is already out the window there, my little sister plays COD and quick scopes everybody, hell I bet my grandmother could get on there and quick scope... what is so "skillful" about pressing LT, RT whenever somebody walks in front of you.

Also if you're going to be involved in objective games how about trying to play the objective instead of " OH MAH K/D IZ BESST, U R TRASH LUZOORRRR!!!"
That is more annoying to me than anything in the game in general. What happened to playing games for fun and trash talking each other about things that actually matter?

At least most of the people who should give up on life stay in the COD area, and don't wander too far off into other territories, and if you think I care about how you disagree with everything I just said then that's even worse than all my ranting put together :)

That is all...

TL/DR: You are the ones I'm talking about ;) (No attention span = whiny gamer)

That gamefaqs logic.
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User Info: Shawk3

4 years ago#23
Implying this game is in any way realistic.

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