I never bought how people could manipulate lag comp in their favor.

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  3. I never bought how people could manipulate lag comp in their favor.
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User Info: Timmotheuss

4 years ago#13
ronXwhite posted...
karmaapain posted...

Don't know what you're so butthurt about this guy for. (You're jelly of his capabilities) but being host is pretty much unplayable. Then I'll turn around and absolutely destroy people. Destroy them to the point where I actually feel sorry for them because I can see them lagging. And by that I mean, once we see each other I see them take 3-5 steps without even ADSing while I pretty much run behind them and shoot him from the back. If you can't tell there's lag comp, you need a evaluation.

When I'm host, I drop 40+ in league. Every. Time. I know when I'm host because I play infinitely better and have a massive advantage on everyone I'm playing against.

When I'm not host, I feel it like no other and it takes an extra 20 bullets to drop someone.

When I'm host on MW3, I can't even hold a 4 bar. That's compensating for the lag of everyone else in the lobby by not allowing me an advantage. If you think black ops 2 has lag compensation, then the joke's on you.

If it makes you feel any better, that disadvantage you experience is what other people experience against you when you're host in a gunfight, so the 40+ is hardly earned. As far as 3 vs 4 bar, I find I can kill people going around corners and survive going around a corner easier on a 3, but everything else is much better on a 4.
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User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#14
SevenDayCandle posted...
ronXwhite posted...
There is no lag comp in this game.

Lag comp is what you see in MW3 where even if you're the host of a lobby, you'll still have a 3 bar if someone is on the other side of the United States.

In this game, the connection shafts the person in New York if you're on a California host or vice versa.

Explain to me why I get destroyed by players from Venezuela on their 2 and 3bar connections when I am the host and live in NJ then? Shot around corners, shot by people who I've never seen appear on my screen, etc. Where the whole game feels like I'm 1 second behind them, when I should be the one with an advantage since I'm the host and the only person on a 4bar connection.

God hates everything NJ.
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  3. I never bought how people could manipulate lag comp in their favor.

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