Playing in a party vs solo

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User Info: f41lurizer

4 years ago#11
Yikes. I hope there isnt more lag...even if there is, though, i still wanna try this whole party thing out.

How do you spot if its a party or not, anyways? I can never tell, unless they are all having the same clantag

User Info: The_Gun_Sh0w

4 years ago#12
gameflak posted...
The only downside to playing in a party is that you experience more lag effects. The larger the party, the worse it is. Per Drift0rs video.

This is 100% true, I've played in a party of 5-6 for the last 6 years on COD and the difference in connections to playing on your own is quite bad sometimes.

In my experience you tend to get matched against other parties quite a lot not that that is a problem - we just beat them.
Gamertag: The Gun Sh0w

User Info: Brostache

4 years ago#13
I actually usually play better solo or with my one friend that's nearby.

I get a lot of lag in full parties, and there is a lot if competition for kills. When I'm on a team of bads I can get all the kills I want.

that's being said, its less boring having a team of people to talk to, so I usually go with a party.
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  3. Playing in a party vs solo

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