Match Making so broken it's unfair.

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User Info: titankratos

4 years ago#1
I think Treyarch made a huge mistake with the match making system. I ALWAYS wind up with teammates that have low brain activity and almost always will be the guy with a positive KDR and points for playing the objective. I am honestly about to stat reset and get some terrible stats so I can actually have fun playing with a well rounded team. Is that how they balance teams? By putting the low with be high?
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User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#2
Meh I usually see one scrub on each team. (although I usually get the scrub that's doing worse lol)

Anywhoo.. I usually play FFA until one of my local friends jumps on. Playing solo without at least one of your buds is annoying because usually your teammates are off in their own world with PC, so they just cut themselves off from important communication call outs.

TBH I really don't think the MM is any more fair or unfair compared to other COD games. The location and connection could be better, but most of the time you have idiots that party up all over the place which TBH drives me nuts. FFS STAY LOCAL WITH YOUR PARTIES PEOPLE!...
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  3. Match Making so broken it's unfair.

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