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User Info: mc007

4 years ago#1
Exams are done, 4 month of gaming ahead, hurray!! I'm considering getting this game over the summer, but before I do, I have a few questions that I hope the nice fellas on this board can help answer.

My favorite CoD game of all time is MW2, so first I would like to hear the opinion of others who liked MW2. How does this game compare to MW2? What did it improve? What did it mess up?

I like to play a long range, defensive style when I first start, because I don't know the map and all, so I tend to gravitate towards LMGs. How are the LMGs in this game? In MW2 they were amazing without being OP (no damage dropoff over range), in MW3 they were disgustingly bad, so I hope it has returned to its former glory here. MW3 had idle sway on non-sniper weapons, which made the LMGs even more worthless at long range, is it still in this game as well?

I like sniping, the patient and stealthy kind, not the quickscoping kind. I loved using a silenced sniper in MW2, which can one shot kill head and chest with the stopping power perk. Are snipers still compatible with silencers in this game? And can a silenced sniper at least 1 shot kill to the head with the right setup?

How are the maps suited for long range combat? MW3 maps where cluster****s, I hope that is not the case for this game.

I hated MW3 for many reasons, but biggest of which was its lag compensation system, it was horrific in the beginning, heard they patched it later, but I didn't stick around to find out. Did they do away with that whole shenanigan this time?

Thank you for any and all answers you provide, have a nice day.
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User Info: L4DMalus

4 years ago#2
Light Machine Guns in this game are incredible, the first gun I ever got gold was the LSAT LMG. If you like playing defense, and you like defending objectives, the LMG with either a Target Finder or a Dual Band Scope is going to be the gun you go to every single time. Most maps are pretty small, but 90% of the maps have really good sight lines for LMGs and Sniper Rifles, but 99% of the player base runs Sub Machine Guns and Shotguns because of how often you get put into CQC situations, so I would suggest, if you are going to use an LMG that you take a Pistol secondary with you along with a Claymore, just in case you get into a situation and you can't bring up your LMG Sights fast enough.
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