Things you actually like about this game.

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User Info: Demotivating

4 years ago#11
ShELbY_GT500 posted...
Capn_Max posted...
+200 for capture kill.

That kill is worth way more than a tdm kill and i am so happy for rewarding people for playing the objective actually.

All they need to do is eliminate points for non-objective kills and we'd be set.

Killing people before they reach the objective is better than leaving the kill to the last moment. I don't see how this is hard to comprehend. If they're dead, they can't be playing the objective.

User Info: macmanigan

4 years ago#12
I think the challenge/calling card/camo system is great. This alone has probably kept me playing this game. I always have used a wide variety of guns and its nice to get a reward for that.

Gun balance is really good. Only complaints I have are c4, tf & select fire.

User Info: GameFan692

4 years ago#13
I like this topic. It feels fresh and it actually sparked a normal conversation about the game. I'm impressed TC.
GT: DarKShoTs

User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#14
Pick 10 system
Scorestreaks instead of killstreaks
Guns are mostly balanced, but more than that, they're all unique
Diverse equipment that are all useful

Unfortunately, these are the only real bright spots in this game for me. I think MW2 and CoD4 have this game pegged in every other department. Boring Ops 1 was garbage and don't even like to include it. Joke of a multiplayer, if you ask me.
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