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User Info: WFUDEAC00

4 years ago#1
I noticed that when I used the hybrid sight, sometimes the optic would change and I can't explain why. For instance, I use the dot/ranger setup, which is a blue dot and blue dot dropdown. I was playing Studio and for whatever reason the optic changed to an orange U-dot optic when I ADSed. Why does it do that?
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User Info: cifer520

4 years ago#2


4 years ago#3
cifer520 posted...


Nothing's wrong with my controller at all but sometimes I will switch to my secondary while ADS firing my primary. Treyarch can't seem to get anything right. I can't wait until CoD dies just so they can disappear into Oblivion because they absolutely SUCK at making quality games. They're just cashing in on the game the original IW brought to CoD.
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