Diamond Guns

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User Info: MidnightSwag411

4 years ago#1
What's the easiest way to get Diamond for AR's and SMG's?
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User Info: MasterSplinterW

4 years ago#2
I guess you could TF it up
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User Info: BansheeNTDmode

4 years ago#3
Learn to aim 100 headshots, camp with riotshield for 150 no perk/attachments, then silencer TF stock for bloodthirsties

User Info: DxMehDx

4 years ago#4
Why do people find it so hard to get a bloodthirsty?

User Info: Anubisrich

4 years ago#5
1. Get 100 headshots
2. Take off perks and attachments, get 150 kills

That should cover it, you may have a couple of longshots left to do. It's roughly 800 kills per gun.

User Info: d00_d00_h34d

4 years ago#6

User Info: GameFan692

4 years ago#7
DxMehDx posted...
Why do people find it so hard to get a bloodthirsty?
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User Info: BA_in_BS

4 years ago#8
I've only done diamond ARs, but I found it easiest to focus on getting through all the headshot challenges first rather than gold 1 gun at a time. I got in a rhythm of getting headshots. Then I did all no perk/attach. Usually I was in roughly the same spot after no perk/attach. I'd need a couple double kills, 4-5 blood thirsties, and 8-10 long shots. I focused on longshots next and I learned spots on all the maps I could get them. Then I just played normal for the rest.
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