Zombies community sucks

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User Info: GTAfan421

4 years ago#31
The only way to play zombies and actually have fun is to play with friends, and if you don't have the same schedule, well...
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User Info: Thierrymon

4 years ago#32
I agree 100 percent. It gets really boring when I end up playing with someone who is screaming about how he needs his space and nobody is allowed near his zombies. It's selfish, it's childish and it's really annoying.

I admit, I'm not the best at Zombies. I don't really play it all that often, mostly because the community around it sucks. No, I don't have Crossbones and no, I don't have shotguns or prestige or whatever. I have no intention of moving up in zombies ranks either, I'm just going to play the maps they release as they release them and have fun with it. Something that the entire Call of Duty community seems to be forgetting to do.

Totally agree.

Why have fun though when there are Easter Eggs, leaderboards and achievements! /sarcasm

Its sad that people concentrate on these things and not just having fun.

User Info: gregfreeman2

4 years ago#33
I'm a quote skull person and I'll play with whoever. Hey if you suck it's more points for me lol. I just hate Noobs that quit if they are not getting enough points. Cooldavid2 is my name on there. When me and Brother play we won't play with noobs but I always do. I have a mic. prefer not to use it. I just starting playing COD 6 weeks ago. I'm new to all the call of duty games. I know all the mob of the dead stuff but not the Tranzit green run is fun too.

User Info: ingo4

4 years ago#34
JohnWall32 posted...
ingo4 posted...

That being said, you never know when that one guy you never gave a chance to because he wasn't high enough rank or have a mic would've turned out to be a badass player. Which was my case. Had several matches with randoms most with no mics making it to 20+. My mic is pretty much only there for show anyway since half the time people don't talk and the other half you can't hear them / they can't hear you.

lol @ rd 20 being a good game for you...embarrassing

and tell me, what round do you usually make it to with randoms? what's embarrassing is your behavior. No, round 20 is not especially great all things considered, the 40s are where in comfortable... and I wouldn't want you on my team.

way to prove TC right, guys
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