My friend just bought me a copy of this game. Looks like a bootleg.

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  3. My friend just bought me a copy of this game. Looks like a bootleg.

User Info: thedeerzord

4 years ago#11
Go to a retailer like Gamestop and ask them if its pirated or not. Gamestop employees probably know a thing about disc since they sell tons of them.
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User Info: Snickleseed

4 years ago#12
Just put it in and try it. If its not a legit disc your Xbox just won't recognize it. It's not going to phone home to MS and rat you out.
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User Info: TGAkuma

4 years ago#13
Heres pictures of it.



If is just a refurbished disc then Gamestop is a bigger rip off than I thought. $54.99 for a used game thats obviously in worse condition than the other copies they had. It would be too much for them to discount you on that but they will go ahead and give the guy who sold it to them a refurbish fee on it. Then all they do is put what looks like a silver sticker on it.

This its why I do not buy newly released games used. Just buy it new for the extra $5. Youre not saving much. No way Im putting this in my xbox and risk it shattering inside there. My xbox is nearing 7 years old and this is not whats gonna kill it. Ill just do what others said and just return it for another or something.

User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#14
You're already getting a discount and have the ability to return it if the game you purchased is one you don't like within 30 days which is way better than buying a new game finding out it sucks and trying to return it.If the game works and it's not skipping I don't see why you would be upset. Hell you could buy the game new and there could be a problem with the disc and it won't work. I'd rather take the refurbished disc over one that has minor scratches and slight cracks in the middle which could be one you might end up getting if you return it.

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User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#15
If you are returning/exchanging a used copy to GameStop then you better do it quick.

I think 7 days is the limit.
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  3. My friend just bought me a copy of this game. Looks like a bootleg.

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