They're killing their game....

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User Info: Donuts_R_Good

4 years ago#41
kingbahamut83 posted...
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
imthestuntman posted...
Well since 343 killed halo and with so many people boycotting ea its not like there is any real competition for them anymore...

Bungie killed Halo. Halo 4 has A LOT of things wrong, but it's a step in the right direction which is something no one can say for Reach.

I agree with a couple things here. Not being able to have a couple staple weapons in your loadouts on H4 (sniper rifle) is a dumb idea. Reach was the worst halo I ever played. Leveling was horrendous, got to warrant officer 2 and that's it. I'm 86 in H4 which has been the best one since 2.

As for BO2, I got on around 4:30p EST yesterday and they were 390k+ playing. Obviously it was Friday and people were home from work/school/etc, but I usually see 250k at least during the week when I have off days from work.

You.... you really... you honestly can't be serious when you say that we should be able to have Snipers in default loadouts.
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User Info: mcmax3000

4 years ago#42
Aether_Lyric posted...
mcmax3000 posted...
And what do any of those things have to do with me having fun?

Put two and two together... more sales means people prefer CoD as a series, and more concurrent players means people are enjoying the game enough to play it consistently throughout the year

And again, I refer to my original question.

What do any of those things have to do with my enjoyment of a game (either BF, or CoD)?

CoD selling better makes it more popular. That's it. Nothing more, and unless you're an Activision shareholder, there's no real reason for anybody to care how it sells compared to another game.

MW3 didn't destroy BF3, and BF3 didn't destroy MW3. Both games sold really well, and were very successful.
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