Why do I get mad over a game?

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User Info: EinherjerShadow

4 years ago#31
I agree TC. Sadly, it'll be like this long after we're dead.

On the flip side, matches where there are 0 campers can get annoying as hell, due to being shot every 2 steps from spawn & lag.

As much as I dislike campers, I like it when I have randoms on the team who are good at locking down areas.

All in all this type of mentality you have extends to professional sports as well, taking a knee & running out a clock, intentionally walking good hitters, etc. It's competitive, and people want to beat people by any means necessary.

User Info: Ltp0wnsu21

4 years ago#32
ZenzokukenX posted...
No I never said that I want people to play the way I want them too..... I want them to play the game better. I want better competition. My overall KD is 1.8 which isn't amazing but I NEVER quit games and I NEVER camp or sit with LMG+TF or a semi auto sniper that I just spam until I get lucky to kill dudes. That is not how you get better at the gme.

That is saying that you want them to play the way you want. Others play the game just to have fun, whether that's going hard with an smg, quickscoping, running around with an assault shield, or whatever. A lot of people don't care about getting better at the game, and you have to accept that there is no "correct way" to play the game. People spend 60 dollars on this game just like you did, so don't think that you should be prioritized. And if you are looking for more serious players, try League Play or something.
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User Info: ZenzokukenX

4 years ago#33
I'm actually glad that I have got the responses I have. Yes, I know there is nothing I can do to change the way people play. There are too many kids (and I mean KIDS) that play the game and they are gonna do what kids do.

But still. F a camper.
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  3. Why do I get mad over a game?

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