Best Peacekeeper class?

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User Info: L4DMalus

4 years ago#1
So what, in your opinion is the best setup for the Peacekeeper? I use it with Dual Mags and Silencer because it has really good Iron Sights. My choice of perks are Ghost, Scavenger and Dexterity with 2 Concussions.
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User Info: Webmaster4531

4 years ago#2
That gun is awesome vanilla or with quickdraw. It's main appeal is that it's an AR that doesn't need a stock. You also don't need optics because it's got awesome iron's that use a higher base zoom than the rest of the smg's, at the cost of having a slower draw speed. The irons are also, in my opinion, unimpaired by gunflash unlike most ARs.

User Info: GallisOTK

4 years ago#3
I mostly use the PK for middle-range or long-range combat, so I carry an Executioner secondary with it.

User Info: FSE_Quikstop

4 years ago#4
Grip and Fast Mags work great for me.
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User Info: BgSoA

4 years ago#5
I run Supressor, Fast Mags and Target Finder with PGF, Ghost, Scavenger, and Tactical Mask, with an EMP and C4 in my pockets.

The TF lets me use this as a mid range weapon, and also helps me spot campers easier. Also, people seem to rage so hard from TF. :)
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