Nuketown is one of the worst maps to ever exist.

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  3. Nuketown is one of the worst maps to ever exist.

User Info: majorgalaxy

4 years ago#31
Lerp85 posted...
majorgalaxy posted...
SPARTAN-034 posted...
sonic_rockz posted...
You spelled Hijacked wrong.

Hijacked is passable because of the tunnel that goes underneath.

not unless youre playing against a smart team no. plus it has the worst spawns overall maps because in addition to being so small it's very linear.

At least there are more spots to spawn at on hijacked, where nuketown has two locations only.

And you say hijacked linear? You don't think nuketown is? You run twenty feet and you can see the rest of the map pretty much.

those spawns are same ones that you can get cornered by the enemy at opposite sides
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User Info: AbsoluteZeroX19

4 years ago#32
LordofBallyhoo posted...
AbsoluteZeroX19 posted...
PDGMTG posted...
This guy.

This freakin guy...

Never played Wet Work...

People using Bandolier. Frag x3 for days. had to bring it up again....just took us to that dark place again for a moment. A place all of us swore we'd never go again....*shudders*

Sorry if I made you remember.... I always thought Shipment was a wee bit darker......
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User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#33
I love Nuketown. I find it great for just levelling up guns and getting camos. Always loads of kills.
Same deal with Hijacked.

User Info: gwetmore4523

4 years ago#34
I think both Hijacked and Nuketown are great maps. With that said I can't stand the way certain individuals play the maps. In SnD it's usually my entire team and the entire enemy team sitting on opposite sides of the map trying to pick each other off. If I can get the bomb I'll usually fast plant and break up the monotony.

User Info: Shrontzy

4 years ago#35
Guess 1st time I posted it hit a little too close to home for some people so I'll reiterate my message.

TC has a point and until something is done about it, which admittedly will not happen, it doesn't harm anything by bringing up the point. Regardless of whatever game type anyone is playing on Nuketown the same strategy is nearly always employed by both teams. 1. Grenade the hell out of everything, 2. Opposing snipers 180 out from each other. 3. Snipers in the 2nd story windows of opposing houses. 3. Rush the middle! Wait...aren't we playing search and destroy? Who cares! Grenades must be thrown! Snipers must snipe! But isn't this an objective game? NO! That is meaningless!!! Treat it as team deathmatch and if not that then free for all! Okay everyone, we have 2/3 of the map controlled...time to exploit the size of the map and screw the other team over...hardcore! Let's make them pay and regret the fact that they voted for Nuketown! Wait...aren't we playing on the Nuketown only playlist? MEANINGLESS YOU FOOL!! We'll make them rage and spawn trap them 24/7 bro!

Sure it feels great when you're the one spawn trapping the other and just racking up the kills, but it also sucks donkey dick when you're the one being screwed in the ass by being spawn trapped. At that point I usually just grab my ankles and take whats coming to me. It's an exploit that should be fixed but likely will not, but TC does have a decent point. So if you're one of these idiots who bless us with your time and remind TC of how this had already been brought up on the forum, you're not really contributing anything to the conversation. Take a look around, nearly anything and everything posted of CoD forums has already been talked about at some point in the lifespan of the CoD series. Talking about it again doesn't hurt anything or anyone. No one forced you to join the topic, you could have easily read the title and skipped over it, but you chose to come in and drop us with that nugget of wisdom, "OMG GUYS!! SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT AGAIN!! HERP DERP!". Great job idiots.
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User Info: Rikiaz

4 years ago#36
seedz252 posted...
I miss Rust lol

This. It was the best of the extremely tiny maps.
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