Why do I never see the M8?

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  3. Why do I never see the M8?

User Info: gwetmore4523

4 years ago#11
I used it quite often when I was in League Play. It can be a bit inconsistent at times but overall a pretty decent choice for an AR. I still think both the AN-94 and FAL outclass it though.

User Info: SquireRamza

4 years ago#12
I think a fairly simple alternative explanation is that you unlock it at an exceptionally high level and it generally gets overshadowed as an attractive permanent-unlock by the AN-94. Same reason why you almost never see the Millimeter Scanner--players are usually prestiging away from it. I've always found it to be rather solid though.
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User Info: falko2821

4 years ago#13
That gun is all connection based. Reason why you see it so much in LAN tourneys.
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User Info: OrlandoMagician

4 years ago#14
The M8 is garbage thanks to no headshot bonus and crappy range. I do way better with the SWAT with its buffs.

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#15
well neither it or the SWAT ever kills in 1 burst so you might was well go with the one that shoots more bullets faster
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  3. Why do I never see the M8?

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