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User Info: Materia-Keeper

4 years ago#1
So. I'm a newish convert to the Black Ops franchise. I played MW3 but at a friends place. I have never let a Call of Duty disc in my Xbox ever. But after playing a round or three of zombies at a friends place, I decided what the hell?

Now I'm addicted to zombies. In my world, most addicting gametype I've ever been a part of.

That being said, I got the map packs and what not, got all of the achievements out of Mob of the Dead. And all but two from Die Rise.

Which is why I'm here, need some help with the High Maintenance achievement. Four people are needed to pull it off, there is no other way, so that is what I'm hoping I can get here.

Two possibly three people to help. I have a friend who is quite dedicated, but he works off and on and I'm not sure he will be able to help. So three is a possibility.

Headsets are a must so, as we know it is complicated and requires it.

I will start the game at 7:30PM EST so to anyone that would like to contribute, it is much appreciated, I will send out the invites at 7:25PM EST.

Hope to see you there!
TC, I think you're pregnant. You missed too many periods. - Prealienking
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