Regarding Playstyles (? for other solo players)

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User Info: LordofBallyhoo

4 years ago#1
If you don't run ghost, I expect that in objective game modes you manipulate the choke points? Maintaining map control? If instead you do run ghost, I would infer that flanking and attempting to flip spawns is more your game. Dropping high killstreaks on the other team is sometimes not even close to being enough; I'll see 3-4 skulls all around me while the VSAT is up. This game more than any COD I've played seems to promote having teammates which assist in capturing objectives and killing other players which helps you get your scorestreaks. I run into full teams often in hardpoint (must be the hours I play) and I cannot stress how often I remember solo play being incredibly easy in older games where individual performance could overcome team shortcomings because my overall score was less dependent on teammate play. The fear of a nuke in mw2, the blackbird a quick 7-8 kills in BO1, MW3 killstreaks never a real threat for me. But BO2 almost seems to suggest "they're a full team of good players, they deserve to win. Go ahead and do well, but you and your team are getting the loss and your gameplay won't change a thing unless you're dropping a triple swarm".
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User Info: Zombie2626

4 years ago#2
I play solo 99% of the time. My w/l is like 50%, and throwing in the fact that half the games I get thrown into are lopsided buttkickings I could care less about my stats and play based on my mood. The only thing I really don't do is camp because it bores the hell out if me. I'll throw up a VSAT for my random teammates but they rarely get me as many kills as they should.

So basically I say screw stats, and play for fun, but I'll still play the objectives even if I'm the only in on my team doing it.
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User Info: macmanigan

4 years ago#3
Playing solo objective, I think vsat is a waste. Like u said, it hurts more randoms than it helps. The exception is if u get a good team in matchmaking. UAV & LS are a must imo if you are serious about playing to win.

I try to be flexible with what my team seems to be lacking. That could mean running ghost/suppressor and running distraction at A or C in dom, it could mean making a lot of runs right at a capture point, it could mean holding choke points long enough for them to capture.

Either way 50% is about as good as u can do all solo so u just have to realize there's only so much u can do.
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  3. Regarding Playstyles (? for other solo players)

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