How do I not suck with sniper rifles?

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User Info: Giglioroninom

4 years ago#11
Drag scope like there's no f***ing tomorrow.

User Info: MissElena

4 years ago#12
Mcmacladdie posted...
fatclemenza posted...
be me

But I want to win.

I laughed for like 5 straight minutes hun, I needed that. So for that, I'll do my best to help.

If it's quickscoping you need help with, than I can't help you there. However, there are quite a few on this board who probably can.

If you just wish to know how to use a sniper better (hardscoping, etc) than...

-As you know, there are two types of sniper rifles in the game, the full auto types and the bolt-action semi automatics. Both cater towards different playing styles. Some people prefer to "run and gun" with the SVU and spam the hell out of it while scoped in 10 feet away from someone. While this can scare the occasional newbie senseless (and is frowned upon, if you care), it's largely ineffective since a decent player equipped with a strafing capable weapon has a good chance to kill that sniper.

-Than you have the quick scopers running around taking pock shots with the DSR, and to a lesser degree, the Ballistia. Unless you REALLY know your chops, don't try to do this. You'll end up doing more harm than good.

-As far as attachments go, Fast Mag is pretty dandy, considering the longer than average reload speed of the sniper rifles. More often than not, as soon as players hear the first crack go off, they will instantly become alert and may even try to hunt you down. It helps to be ready and not caught in a reload. Silencers are questionable. Sure, you'll remain hidden from radar but they cause an increase in recoil, especially with the full auto's. Besides, chances are if you missed your shots and/ first shot didn't kill..than their aware if your presence anyways.

-It helps to carry a backup weapon. Tac-45, Five-Seven...whatever takes your fancy. Just something you can use until you find something better.

-When you first zoom in a scope, wait about half a second, THAN hold your breath and fire. This ensures that there is minimum sway which may cause you to miss.

Sorry if this ended up not making much sense, I'm not that much of a sniper lol.
Goodluck :3
GT: Varaza
If there's one thing I learned from CoD, I love making men scream.
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  3. How do I not suck with sniper rifles?

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