best 4 man team weapon/camping strat for mob?

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  3. best 4 man team weapon/camping strat for mob?

User Info: Masterpie3000

4 years ago#1
i just got mob of the dead on ps3 but have played it a bit on my friends xbox, what weapon combos would you say set up the best camping strategy and why, also where at?

i have had the best luck on the gondola with ray guns OR the acid gat (hated ray gun on tranzit and die rise), someone with a death machine who stays in the back, and then i dont know what the best choice is for the other three. thompson for wall ammo? or lsat/ak from box?
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User Info: TheBEST305gamer

4 years ago#2
Docks, back by the tower trap. You can use the trap for some kills, acid gat to control the crowd, and LSAT Ray guns to take them out.

Don't forget to get the spork and redeemer as well.

User Info: LeTHaL_PiRaTe

4 years ago#3
Two upgraded Acid Gats, Voice of Justice (Upgraded Executioner) for everyones side arm.

AK47, Galil, LSAT, Death Machine are all viable as well, although the Death Machine makes you extremely slow.

Also, the Redeemer is basically the best weapon in the game, Insta-kill and Infinite ammo.

Finally, Spots to sit/circle

Circle - Cafe, Bridge, Roof, Docks

Sit - Bridge (If you can take out the multiple Brutus's), Docks with upgraded sniper trap. Not many viable spots to sit honestly.
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  3. best 4 man team weapon/camping strat for mob?

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