High killstreaks should be removed

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  3. High killstreaks should be removed

User Info: T_r_a_m_P

4 years ago#11
Lerp85 posted...
First people complained that streaks counted towards other streaks. They did away with that, and now people complain there are high end streaks at all.

This shows that people will always complain about things.

Dont give a s*** bout streak stacking, just points
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User Info: turtle41

4 years ago#12
Unless they changed something recently, I'm pretty sure your SPM and W/L are still affected if you wait to be kicked for inactivity.

From: pyrokinesis666 | Posted: 5/19/2013 1:31:51 AM
real reason you want them removed is because you cant get them

I don't know about TC, but I can get them, yet I still dislike them. I'm not saying get rid of them, but if less people used them there would be less quitting. They're the main reason I hate playing in parties nowadays since apparently nobody gets that once something big goes up, the whole enemy team leaves.

I liked barebones in the past couple games and used to play that every so often.
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User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#13
Play TDM
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User Info: Thierrymon

4 years ago#14
I agree with the tc in that high end killstreaks should be removed. I just dont think if a player is doing really well (whether through skill or a connection advantage) he/she should be rewarded with a bunch of free kills.

I dont think killstreaks should dictate which team wins the game as much as they do. It would be better if it was decided more by gun on gun battles.

I think they are more obviously obnoxious in black ops 2 due to how easy they are to chain together and the number of killstreaks that can be in the air at one time.

User Info: dDubsaKadL

4 years ago#15
Maybe have game modes that vary, from normal to bare bones, to non-lethal streaks only. Or don't quit a game just because a lodestar is in the air. Switch to a blind eye class and hang out indoors for 45 seconds. Someone said it before, and I agree, I don't think its the game. Its the community.

User Info: Idxox1

4 years ago#16
I think the solution is balancing the point systems. I played a round of kill confirmed yesterday, a guy went 6-0 with 7 confirms in under a minute, got up a vsat, two team mates left immediately so we are playing 9 on 7 (ground war). 20 seconds later he had a lodestar then a VTOL warship.

That's just no fun. When someone gets up a vsat, you should expect at least a bunch of spy and counter spy planes from the other team being called in and usually a lodestar or dogs or swarm.

Game modes that are problematic in this regard are hardpoint, kill confirmed and groundwar domination.

I wish the game would regularly be 9v9 on big maps and 6v6 on small maps. I don't know why the developers haven't figured that one out yet.

Team death match generally doesn't have enough pushing the action, a lot of people camp and play conservatively so switching to that doesn't satisfy me. I'm looking for fast paced gun on gun objective play, but the game doesn't offer that right now.

Kill confirmed should change from 50/100 to something like 50/50 or 50/75. It unfairly penalizes AR users.

User Info: ILovePancakes

4 years ago#17
QualiT posted...
Play TDM
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