Underrated Guns, Perks, etc.

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User Info: I_End_Zombies

4 years ago#11
Flak Jacket

User Info: Snickleseed

4 years ago#12
Sticking to the topic at hand...

HAMR - A real beast. Pairs well with a suppressor I find.
Blind Eye - I'm surprised at how little this is used. Put this on a class with the FHJ and you can shoot down anything.
Chicom - Pretty much what OP said, but if you time your shots right you can mimic full-auto and don't need select fire.
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User Info: chris_

4 years ago#13
COLD BLOODED is awesome, I have seen people run past me right infront of me just because my name doesnt show. Its great for stealth play and camping.

People are not used to see other people run around with cold blooded, thats why it saves my ass lots of times.

User Info: MissElena

4 years ago#14
Type 25. Nearly everyone I know hates the thing. I personally think it's the best AR in the game, even outgunning AN's/ some SMG's.
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User Info: SDCobalion

4 years ago#15
The chicom is "Meh".
Select fire makes it worse if anything, as it turns it into the MP7 pretty much..... so why not just use the MP7?

Burst wise, by continuously tapping the fire button, you are sacrficing your aim to an extent, unlike the skorpion where you just hold down the trigger, pull down to mitigate the recoil and kill people.

Cold blooded is ok, but like others said, toughness is more important and I find scavenger essential thanks to me constantly needing ammo. There is simply no room for it.

Tactical mask is the only 3rd teir perk I ever use. Dexterity is great, but its just for people who sprint everywhere like a headless chicken.

Engineer is uneeded if you throw an EMP nade in the general direction of the enemy or have basic awareness (listen to shock charges, betties). Claymores are a problem, but you can just use flak jacket for that.
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