MP7 Vs Vector

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User Info: timilayas99

4 years ago#1
What's better?
Go away.

User Info: Webmaster4531

4 years ago#2
MP7 has better range but more recoil. Vector has very small range but practically no recoil when full auto.

Vector is a newb gun.
Ad Hominem.

User Info: InjusticeReborn

4 years ago#3
Webmaster4531 posted...
Vector is a newb gun.

Not the first time I've heard this. Might have been from you previously, come to think about it. How so?

User Info: RandomTramp

4 years ago#4
Performance is sufficiently close to make it a preference call in my opinion. MP7 is usually placed immediately above the Vector in SMG tier lists, but some may prefer the Vector's irons or almost total lack of recoil.

User Info: SinCityKid

4 years ago#5
Vector is better. Range difference is insignificant, but the difference in recoil pattern is huge.

What good is a gun that can't stay on target? MP7 recoil bounces horizontally and cannot be consistently controlled like the upward recoil of an MSMC/Skorp. And well the Vector recoil doesn't even exist so there is nothing to control.

User Info: Webmaster4531

4 years ago#6
MP7 has over a 1/3(4/11 to be exact) more range. Any skilled person doesn't need to be hand held by the recoil. The MP7's recoil isn't hard to handle in my own opinion.
Ad Hominem.

User Info: WELP00

4 years ago#7
MP7 recoil is easy to counter, don't know what the guy above me is talking about. MP7 is way better except at long range combat, but who is gonna be shooting that far away with an SMG anyways.

Put a silencer on the MP7 and vector, and rage at the vector aka the hitmarker machine.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#8
MP7 has slightly better range, better reloading speed, and more ammo per magazine.

Vector has a bit better recoil and a nifty Select Fire if you have a fast enough trigger finger.

MP7 is better in the majority of situations. If you have a great trigger finger you could make the Vector better, but you'd have to be able to keep up that RoF constantly.
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User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#9
I like Mp7 cause even with only 1 attachment it's great. Because of great mag size and fast reload i can run 5 perk class. Recoil is manageable once you get used to it.

Vector feels nice, but i dunno man it can be kinda slow on downing people. Both have great hip fire in my opinion.

User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#10
Webmaster4531 posted...
MP7 has better range but more recoil. Vector has very small range but practically no recoil when full auto.

Vector is a newb gun.

Newb gun that has to be put to gold in order to unlock diamond.
Though diamond is pointless considering the new camos are all nicer.

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