I'm looking for some TDM players

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User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#1
Looking to add some people to my list who like TDM or Arms Race. I'm not much interested in objective heavy modes like HP or DOM. If you play TDM and are a fun person to play with it would be a pleasure to have you on my FR.

So if you like TDM and want to play put your name down and if you're on when I'm on we can play!

(I mostly play at night to be honest)

Don't know if it matters to you but

KDR: 1.7

I normally don't play with more than 2 or 3 people at a time so I'm not looking to to be a full party rolling on people.

I don't cherry pick lobbies either so I'll usually just stay in the lobby unless it's a majority vote to leave the lobby and look for a new one.
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GT: Dan Harkinz

User Info: FaithInAll

4 years ago#2
Gt: Vyeren. Just got off but I'll be up to play later.

User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#3
You can add me, I usually only play TDM/Arms Race/GW.
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GT: Noitrez

User Info: MissElena

4 years ago#4
GT: Varaza
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User Info: SL_Tops10

4 years ago#5
Feel free to add me, kinda busy this week, but when I do play it's usually Arms Race. GT in sig.
GT: SL Tops10

User Info: kentuckyboy88

4 years ago#6
I'm down....about 10 pm Eastern
Gamertag: O1e Dad

User Info: Aserna

4 years ago#7
Feel free to add will play any game mode.
360 Tag - xASERNAx

User Info: iwanacobraR2000

4 years ago#8
I'm usually on late nights/weekends, not that great, but I do go positive, and I'm almost exclusively a tdm player

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User Info: Madsprayer

4 years ago#9
I'm always on.. hit me up. GT in sig.
GT: Madsprayer

User Info: KidCache

4 years ago#10
Feel free to add me, I'll play just about anything. Gt: KidCache
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