Wins, Kills, or Fun?

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User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#1
Which do you aim for? - Results (93 votes)
WIns. I will not let my win streak die!
27.96% (26 votes)
Kills. Gotta get that K/D up and earn those Swarms!
18.28% (17 votes)
Fun. Even if it means multiple deaths and losses, nothing is more important than fun!
53.76% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which do you guys feel is most important in the game?
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User Info: Undy_B

4 years ago#2
the W

User Info: JSpilla

4 years ago#3
multiple deaths doesnt sound like fun.

I honestly aim for all 3, but at this point in this game, I'll settle with the win and K/D (I just don't have much fun anymore)

User Info: SevenDayCandle

4 years ago#4
If war has taught us anything, the W is the only thing that is important. I mean, look at all the 'crazy ass leaders'. What was Hitlers KD? His team still lost. Look at the crazies like Vlad The Impaler, looks like he played for fun, but lost as well...

The W is all important.

User Info: ISkyFireI

4 years ago#5
When I worry about kills, the game ends up being really frustrating and not fun.

So my main objective is to have fun but still try to get the win for my team!

User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#6
I'm personally all about fun.

If you can have fun and make others laugh, who cares if you died.
PSN ID: armyflame (formerly Troll_Face_Flame) X360 gamertag: That Guy Flame
Member of uTR. Pre-ordered PS4 with CoD: Ghosts

User Info: packman1010

4 years ago#7
I chose fun, because wins and kills are a huge part of fun depending on my mood.
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User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#8
Its all about the W. Come on m8.
I come here because the forum is better than the game. - Mander1861

User Info: B_Wolf

4 years ago#9
My personal order is fun, win, KDR. I considered working towards my personal goals fun, so Ill do things like run around nuketown with a knife or go a couple rounds using the 5-7 exclusively. I will try my best to help get a win for the team, however. If It becomes clear a win is impossible, I will focus on KDR.
In Crowbar we Trust.

User Info: migfire

4 years ago#10
I'm actually kind of surprised that "having fun" has the most votes. That's what I aim for myself, but these days I run into more people who can't even enjoy a game of solitaire without sweating up a storm.
The whole world is evil. People just choose to be good.

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