Care Package has been good to me

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User Info: Shadow_Jolteon

4 years ago#11
L4DMalus posted...
webbc99 posted...
I think CP is actually quite useful. Either you get an amazing streak out of it, or you can just camp around it. There's always someone on the enemy team that cannot help themselves and will continually try to "steal" it, while you kill them over and over.

This guy knows what's up. And if you camp it they might think its something really good and have a team mate come with them. Can we say Free Doubles?

Until someone from the enemy team uses a Black Hat from a safe distance.

User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#12
I always get death machines or RC XDs, both of which I end up giving away.

One time I decided to throw my care package at the enemy for lulz. They rerolled the CUAV to a swarm ._.

I was laughing so hard as my team died so much and I was in a building safe oh and also they rolled a goddamn swarm.
All Things Require Sacrifice.

User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

4 years ago#13
Emergency Airdrop/CP resulted in 4 Sentry Guns. Let's just say that I had Terminal (where the security gates and restaurant are) on lockdown. That was a good game.
GT: xFrostxPhoenix
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