In TDM, having the game of my life

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User Info: TheBooBoys

4 years ago#11
read this as im Tom, craving the fame of my wife

User Info: CTUJK95

4 years ago#12
I finally understood after playing Call Of Duty since 2007 that rushing to the enemy spawn with randoms only provides a organized team points and kills for Streaks and I look like the biggest retard. I was constantly running back to this one Camper and he would somehow evade all my attacks to stop him, but I'll I did was help him earn Dogs and other stuff.

The important part is I finally learned. >_> I really shouldn't play these games.......
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User Info: Neutron_Raptor

4 years ago#13
BO2 in my opinion has the most imbalanced teams to date for solo decent players. I mainly play TDM with over 50k+ kills in that mode with I think 330 something SPM in there. 330 isn't much but it is when you consider I have the KSG as my most used weapon with 11k+ kills and maxed out every weapon in TDM too.

Now after my "brag" or what ever people will call it I will get to the point. The fact that this game seems to separate teams based on SPM (IMO) kinda ruins the experience for decent solo players. In TDM I can call out my teams in the lobby quite easily just going by the lobby leaderboard. It is almost a certainty I will get 2/3 of the bottom players then the lowest mid tier players and the only "decent" player I will get is the 4th best in the lobby which normally means a player that just barely goes positive or even. The game expects me and me alone to carry 3 to 4 horrible players to victory which is just impossible in a lot of instances. I have had more losses in BO2 while breaking 35 to 40 kills in TDM then all other CoDs put together which is frustrating.

The problem I have is that it forces you to play at your very best and fastest in each game if you expect to win with your randoms. The skill based matchmaking doesn't take into account if you are not using your normal weapons/loadouts and such. I remember when I was going for my sniper camos I think I might of won 10% of my matches even though k/d wise I was doing great. If I can't slay quickly the game punishes me with a lot of losses that are not even my fault.

User Info: aheroafake

4 years ago#14
This game punishes "good" players such as yourself because that's how it tells you that nobody gives a **** about how "good" you are in a video game.

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User Info: TheRisingSon

4 years ago#15
I feel your pain TC. I've learned to not get upset about it though. As long as I did good, I'll feel good about it, even if the rest of the team was massacred.


4 years ago#16
BeyondKrayzie posted...
Like, OMG you're sooooooo good TC. What a burden this game must be for you. You're probably used to it though as I imagine you are equally good at every game you play right?

"...having the game of my life"

Kind of hard to be a smartass when all you manage to do is prove that your reading comprehension is in the toilet

On topic, I go through it a lt myself TC. I don't pull scores like what you got but I often end up at the top of the list with at least a 2.0 kdr while the rest of my team plays like ass
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