buried key locations

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User Info: Frumpy88

4 years ago#1
I shot the big dude and he went back in his cell.
The key is NOT at his cell, court house, or the bank. Also saw a couple rows of similar key hooks. Wasnt there. Anyone know of othrr locations?

User Info: Wholegrainey

4 years ago#2
I've never seen it on the rows of hooks. However, I did find it once on the second floor of a building. I think it was the power building, but I'm not entirely sure.
GT: Wholegrainey

User Info: natedude0903

4 years ago#3
I've spent a good half hour looking after I hit him with a nade on accident. :(
GT: nategypsy
3DS FC: 3007-8640-2657

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