What the best kind of Ninja class?!

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User Info: LiL_KiLLA55

4 years ago#11
WorstSniperEver posted...
Care Package can work too, provided you've got a good team to help you get it. Too many times have I called one in and it gets stolen because my teammates are too brain-dead to help me snag it.

Or even better, they let me get killed so they can try to get it themselves. I have been told 'get away from that you stupid noob' when trying to claim my own Care Package from someone trying to steal it :p

Yes I've had this happen to me a lot. My friends play HC only so we were playing I went for it and my teammate killed me for he can get it. Or I throw it down but spawn switches and enemy team steals it! Gotta love it hahah

User Info: f41lurizer

4 years ago#12
KilledByAlisa posted...
My personal adjuments to that:


Would stick with:


You should also try the Type 25 with the same setup.

type 25
without fast mags

how do you get kills?

I use this class with the m27

OH and one of my favorite and most successful is MTAR suppressor fastmags with ghost, flak jacket, scavenger, dexterity, semtex and concussion

I only use that class exclusively on aftermath though most of the time, so I don't know how it will work on smaller maps.
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User Info: LiL_KiLLA55

4 years ago#13
I love using the M-Tar. But, I use it with a launcher to kill streaks in the air too.
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  3. What the best kind of Ninja class?!

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