Grenades being useless seriously pisses me off.

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  3. Grenades being useless seriously pisses me off.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#11
Gray_wolf1119 posted...
Nidtendofreak posted...
Gray_wolf1119 posted...
You mean there is someone out there not using supergrenade C4?


C4's lethal range is about one step in game larger than a frag grenade's.

Its not a supergrenade. Its just more useful because the maps are so tiny.

The issue is not the lethal range. If it was only a trap, I would be perfectly fine with it. But it is not. Both frag and semtex have a detonation time. Even if you master them, you are still making the best approximate calculation you can. C4 has a remote detonation. You detonate it as soon as it gets anywhere near an enemy. It even has a shortcut for detonation. Those factors makes it more effective than both grenades because you have the most control AND the best lethal range.

The times I get killed by a C4 as a trap make me cringe and grin at the same time - I am basically thinking that cheeky bastard (both a compliment and an expression of irritation). The times I get killed by C4 as an airburst grenade make me think Home, all the way right, all the way down, A, up, A.

I can run from semtex, I can run from frags or throw them back, with C4 I can only tank it. Getting killed by grenades is mildly annoying but sometimes funny. Getting killed by C4 makes me want to quit. C4 as it stands right now, is a huge drag on the game from a fun AND competitive perspective.

Also, the small map size in general makes ALL explosives more useful and effective so that is a moot point.

As just a trap, its worthless and encourages camping or at least hanging back to actually blow up the thing outside of leaving it on objectives (which everyone knows of by now). Besides, you're not looking at the C4's weaknesses.

It has the slowest flight time. Sure, it can go farther than before, but for maximum distance the person has to wait several seconds, then blow it. You can flee from it during that time. Forcing it to blow up quickly is also a few seconds where the person does not have control of their aim unless they're clawing.

When its near point blank, that's the range the C4 is supposed to be the better lethal. Nobody had a problem with C4 in the previous CoD games. It was always one of the more powerful explosives, particularly at that range. The only thing more difficult to dodge then a point blank C4 was/is a perfectly cooked frag. The C4 had its use, the Frags had their use, and the Semtex... kinda became meh since MW2 outside of killing shield users.

The problem is the maps. They are so small, so clustered, that there are rarely maps where the ability to toss/cook frags over long distances is worth more than C4's close range power. Somebody is going to bump into you as you're aiming the frag and mow you down. All this leaves us with is a few quirky spots on some maps, like the chute in Hijacked that connects B Flag and the basement, where the frag has a use. Instead of the small maps making all explosives better, it nerfs frags and semtex, while buffing C4.
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#12
I only play DOM and I've recently switched from C4 to Semtex. Best move I ever made.

I'm sure Frags are just as good, I'm just not as good with them. Plus I still like the ability to be able to cancel a nade toss which you cannot do with frags.

Point being, it's most likely not the nades, but where you're throwing them.
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User Info: WorstSniperEver

4 years ago#13
Read topic as 'Grandmas being useless seriously pisses me off'
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User Info: supercoolcandle

4 years ago#14
A lot of times in S&D or even in Dom, I'll toss a C4 in the area I'm covering in S&D, or in front of the flag on Dom. So as I'm close to capping it, I'll just detonate the C4 and know if someone is there.
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  3. Grenades being useless seriously pisses me off.

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