Weapon Jams. Good idea or possibly the most Rage inducing idea Ever?

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  3. Weapon Jams. Good idea or possibly the most Rage inducing idea Ever?

User Info: Bad_Bricks

4 years ago#1
Should Weapon Jams be added to new CoDs? - Results (162 votes)
Yes! I would love to see a Trick Shooter Jam!
13.58% (22 votes)
Hell No! Lag is bad enough!
40.12% (65 votes)
Yes but only if there is a Perk (Cleaning Kit! LMAO!)
11.11% (18 votes)
No there is already too many distractions in this game.
35.19% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Thanks for playing along. These Jams will be random but very rare. I would honestly like this added. Voted #3. Give me that Cleaning Kit!!!

User Info: SuchAmazement

4 years ago#2
We'll bang, ok?

User Info: FaithInAll

4 years ago#3
This is the equivalent to SSBB tripping.
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User Info: NaTesHoT

4 years ago#4
No, awful mechanic and idea.

User Info: FeelMeUp

4 years ago#5
FaithInAll posted...
This is the equivalent to SSBB tripping.
rishman5705 posted...
This board is most definitely best browsed while intoxicated.

User Info: Veluxier

4 years ago#6
Know what? I think its a good idea. But only for Snipers, specifically trickshotters, or even quickscopers. But its not random.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#7
It would be funny.
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User Info: BgSoA

4 years ago#8
Wait. Are you all implying...

That my guns can actually...


While shooting them...

Jam. And stop firing. And require clearing in order to start firing again. Oh my lord. No. Please no please. Not in Call of Duty. Please. No. Just no. Never. Please. I beg you. I will give you my money for the DLC. Just please no gun jamming. Please no more random crap to make me die. Please. T_T
macarena69 posted... "That's the point. I can do it, you can't stop me, I gain nothing from listening to you, come on me bro"

User Info: KilledByAlisa

4 years ago#9

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User Info: Charmile

4 years ago#10
Wouldn't this be lag, except not network-based? lulz
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  3. Weapon Jams. Good idea or possibly the most Rage inducing idea Ever?

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