My new favorite class

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User Info: xHonestyx

3 years ago#1
Type 25
Stock/G. Launcher


G. Launcher

B. Vests
Fast Hands


I have literally dropped .22 kd using this in search rocking the Only Use Me Tubes emblem. Fun class if you're partied with a group willing to squad up and multi volley people. The only other fun I have in this game any more is rpg/c4/knife, and playing objectives. I played tdm for like 4 minutes and after 3 host migrations decided my new home was Search

Friends Tube Emblems
Tubepain, + Tubepain Accessories
I use tubes for...U know
Warmachine=Best killstreak

Anyway, just overall fun, also why I am at it, drop some GTs in so I can join some of the upper echelon of search player's games

User Info: Its_Pretty

3 years ago#2
Newbtewbs work in bo2?? Wut?

Lol, Fav class

Target finder, quickdraw, stock


Claymoar x2

Shock charge x1

Pefect 4 search ;)

User Info: xHonestyx

3 years ago#3
I don't play for wins, but I still have a whopping 1.0 win %

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