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3 years ago#1
This is by far one of the toughest zombie maps to survive on, even on easy mode custom.

Sorry if this is sloppy but I am typing this between games haha

Here's what I got so far:

-Wunderfuzz machines (give you randomized perks like Sam's house in Buried, for 1500 pts) are near each of the 6 generators.

-To PAP you have to have all 6 generators on at once. PAP KSG is great. PAP STG is beastly. PAP Skorpion is good as well. Haven't PAP the starting pistol yet, I am about to do that next playthrough here in a minute.

-Each staff has 4 parts: 1 record and 3 staff pieces. Pieces are dropped by Robo-zombies and also found in dig piles.

-Shovels are found at the starting room in the little hallway next to the medals tank, in the Mini-tank area (Church), and the last one is in the Lighting staff excavation site by generator 5.

-Mystery Box spawns at start room, little room by generator 2, across from Jugg at generator 4, top of church (mini-tank), at generator 5, and at generator 3. That's all I've found so far. You can also tell where the box spawns by the blue light beam in the sky much like the light beams in Tranzit.

-There are staff parts around the map that are blocked by structures such as the one in church and the one in the main cave under PAP. These two are Purple Staff parts but I have yet to find out how to reach and obtain them.

-To reach the ancient ruins area you have to first find the black record (not a part of the staff parts, it will be equipped under "music") and the record player. Once you find these two go to the bottom of the PAP room and lay it on the table. You should hear Sam talk and then stairs open up leading to the bottom and revealing 4 structures that seem to hold each staff. Take the record player and whenever you find all 4 parts of a staff, go to that staff's designated site and place the player on the table and the teleporter will open. You have to wait about 10 seconds for stones to gather and open. Once it opens go inside and grab the piece of the designated staff. I haven't gotten as far as this but I believe you take the Ruins piece and build it onto the staff holders under PAP. I grabbed the Ice staff piece (snowflake) and was trying to get back to PAP but died.

Staff Areas:

-Lighting (Yellow): By generator 5
-Ice (light blue): By generator 6
-Wind (???): By generator 4 & Jugg
-Earth (???): ???


-Jugg: By generator 4
-Stamin-Up: By generator 5
-Speed Cola: By generator 3
-Mule Kick: Under PAP once you've opened the stairs with record player
-Quick Revive: By generator 1 in starting area

I believe that's all the map perks you can get but these are the perks I've gotten from Wunderfuzz machines:

-PHD Flopper
-Electric Cherry

You can only hold 4 perks at once so buying all perks from Wunderfuzz is a risk. I recommend getting Jugg, Staminup, Mule Kick, and Speed but that's just me.


3 years ago#2
Medal Table/Chest:

-At the starting area there is a chest glowing with gold pinstripes and a chart above it with emblems (medals). Each character has their own set of 3 medals and each medal has a specific emblem. These medals are game specific meaning they are re-obtainable every new game you start. Aim your reticle at each one to read the description. These are the ones I've seen so far:

1. Kill 115 "normal" zombies with headshots
2. Fill 4 tanks to capacity
3. Capture 6 generators
4. Obtain 30,000 points

After you do each medal you'll receive an emblem shown above your perks letting you know which one you've completed. Once you complete each one you may go back to the starting area and aim your reticle at each medal to accept your reward. I've gotten a max ammo for the
30,000 points and I've received a weapon for 6 generators. If anybody knows anymore specifics feel free to add to this!

Zombie Blood acts like the Vulture Aid mist in the sense that you are undetected by zombies.


3 years ago#3
The new Power Up is called "Blood Money" and looks like a Z with two strike through lines (like a dollar sign but a Z). I have NO idea what this does so if anybody has found out please post it here!

Notable Mystery Box weapons are:

-MGO8 (new LMG)
-Chicom CQB
-Ray Gun I & II (Mark II is only available if you have Vengeance DLC)
- ??? (Add more good box weapons as you find them!)

Weapons I've PAP'd:

-KSG (Mist Maker): VERY powerful. One shot kills, most times completely disintegrating zombies. It comes with a red dot and I think long-barrel (I could tell a difference in range).
-STG (can't remember name): Again, VERY powerful and accurate. Reminds me of the AN-94 in Buried. Great gun.
-Skorpio (can't remember name): Decent weapon but runs out of ammo too quickly
-Add more as you find them!

Robot Zombies (Panzer Soldats):

-I have no idea what the pattern is with these guys. I think it is round specific but I haven't paid attention to it enough yet. I know that first only one spawns but after that 2, then 3, then 4, etc... Haven't really found a really effective way to take them out on later rounds. Ray Gun and KSG PAP'd worked well until round 15 and then they seemed useless.

-These guys will also "harpoon" you and drag you towards them. I have no idea if there's a way to get out of this but once you are pulled towards them it is basically sure death.

-They are equipped with flamethrowers

-Being in a "slow" mud area is NOT ideal when encounters occur.

Giant Mech:

-The game starts with only one mech but by round 14 there were 3 mechs. You can tell where and when they are about to step because if you're in an area you will see 3 or 4 flashing red lights. That means MOVE NOW!

Things I Want To Know:

-What are the supposed "more than one way to revive players"???
-Where are all the staff pieces? I have found and completed the Ice Staff, and found 3 Fire pieces, and 2 Lighting pieces. The spawns for the records (including black) change each game. Heres the locations I've found so far:

1. Black Record:

-On the bottom of the walkway to PAP
-To the left of PAP on a wheelbarrow
-Somewhere in the starting area (can't remember the exact spot I found it, sorry!)

2. Purple Record:

-On a wagon around the Jugg/Gen 4 area
-At gen 4 between Wunderfuzz & Jugg

Soul Chests:

These are chests that are similar to the Dogs in Mob of the Dead. Killing zombies near them open them up and souls fly in. It takes quite a bit to fill them. Locations:

1. To the left of the PAP walkway in a muddy area (Also a mech stomp location!)
2. Behind Jugg
3. In an area next to Gen 5
4. Can't remember the location but I know I've seen it.

I believe there are only 4.

ALSO: I'd like to apologize. In the previous posts of mine above I said things about "Earth" staff. There is no Earth staff. There are 4 staffs:

1. Lightning - Yellow
2. Fire - Red/Orange
3. Wind - Purple
4. Ice - Light Blue


3 years ago#4

The thing to look for in this map are GREEN space rocks/meteor pieces. There are 3 and you just hold X like normal and you should hear the familiar sound. Locations:

1. In starting area by the Medals Chest. Look to the right and it's against a wall.
2. In the Work Station area (area with bunk beds and two floors). It's on the second floor under a bunk bed. You may need to crouch/prone to activate it.
3. On the left-side wood walkway by PAP. If you're facing PAP, go to the left, then go right on the wooden walkway and stay right. You will see some crates/boxes stacked up and to the right of them wedged between is the 3rd green rock.


3 years ago#5
Inside The Giant Mech:

-Not sure how this works as I've only seen videos so far. But apparently, the mech will step on you and instead of your screen going black and you going down, your screen will turn white and you will respawn up inside the robot and there is a Lightning Staff part on a table. You then just go to one of four blue circles in the mech's head and you are ejected out and it's similar to the Golden Gate Bridge scene in Mob of the Dead. Once you land you are still alive, not down.

Anybody wanna shed some light on this?

Also, please add your findings, elaborate on mine, and please feel free to correct any of the info I've written here!

User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#6
Nice work.
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3 years ago#7
aheroafake posted...
Nice work.

Thanks! Add my gamertag: BDOUG YEEZUS

I am looking for some people to play with!

User Info: Provisionals

3 years ago#8
A random orange glow was seen mid-game on a plane. We shot the plane and it exploded sending the glow towards the ground. Where it landed we found a fire staff part!

User Info: tyler1o1o

3 years ago#9
all of the lightning staff parts can be found by riding the tank and jumping off at the right spots. I've got the ice and lightning staffs so far. no idea how to get wind peices yet.
The following post might contain spoilers. This makes the topic less aerodynamic, and thus more maneuverable at high speeds.

User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#10
I think the number of giant robots depends on the number of generators you've turned on.
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