What are, IYO, the 3 most useful attachments for each weapon class?

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User Info: f41lurizer

4 years ago#11
Assault Rifles: Stock Red Dot fastmags
For these, I use the Red dot on longer range guns (FAL mostly, SMR sometimes), while I put fastmags on closer range guns like the AN. Stock on all my AR's.
SMG: Laser Sight Fast mags suppressor
Shotgun: Laser Long Barrel Red dot (for the KSG)
Sniper: Ballistics CPU Extended mags fastmags
LMG: Target Finder, Dual Band, Quickdraw
Pistols are good stock but Extended/Fast mags work pretty well
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User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#12
AR's: Adjustable Stock, QuickDraw, and Red Dot.

Shouldn't need to explain quickdraw and stock. I don't care what anyone says, the Red Dot is almost always more accurate than iron sights. Much clearer and it'll help tons at long ranges.

SMGs: quickdraw, ex/fast mags, laser

Extended mags or fast mags depends on which sub. Laser is pretty obvious.

LMGs: Stock, Dual Band, FMJ.

Dual band over TF is preference i guess but TF only really helps if you have trouble spotting people, which i don't. Dual Band with smokes is downright flithy. Stock is obvious. FMJ + LMGs is unreal. Wall bangs for days.

Sniper Rifles: Ballistic CPU. Fast mags. Dual Band.

CPU should be on every sniper unless you're using dual band. Fast mags helps a ton because you only get a few shots before having to reload. Dual band is situational but it can be very good with smokes or for finding campers from long long distances like on drone...

Shotguns: (For M1216, S12, R870)Laser Sight, Long Barrel, Fast mags. (For KSG) Quickdraw, red dot, laser.

Laser and long barrel are pretty obvious, though i substitute suppressor for long barrel from time to time. Fast mags really helps the S12 and M1216, not so much the 870.
The KSG needs quickdraw IMO, the Red Dot is preference but i feel like it helps me a ton for mid range gun fights and makes headshots easier. KSG with laser is actually pretty reliable in close quarters panic situations.
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User Info: L4DMalus

4 years ago#13
Assault Rifles: Stock, Quickdraw, Some form of an Optic
SMGs: Laser Sight, Extended Clip, Quickdraw
LMGs: Stock, Quickdraw, Dual Band
Sniper Rifles: Ballistics CPU, Fast Mags, Dual Band
Shotguns: Laser, Long Barrel, Quickdraw
Pistols: Tactical Knife, Akimbo, Fast Mags
Crossbow: Dual Band, Tri-Bolt, Reflex
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User Info: turtle41

4 years ago#14
AR: Stock, Quickdraw, RDS/Fast Mag
Stock on every one. I don't always use quickdraw. I'll use a combination of the last 3 attachments depending on the gun.

SMG: Fast Mag, Quickdraw, Long Barrel
I almost always use fast mag. Honestly, there isn't much an SMG needs to be good.

LMG: Quickdraw, Stock, FMJ
I'm still rushing even with an LMG so quickdraw and stock help a ton. I don't even use FMJ, but I realize that it helps.

Sniper Rifle: Ballistic CPU, Fast Mag, Dual Band
I barely snipe so I just put what things I see people use the most.

Shotgun: Long Barrel, Quickdraw, Fast Mag
Long barrel on every one. Quickdraw on the KSG is a must. Fast mag on the M1216 and S12 helps. I barely use laser since I ads almost every time.

Pistol: Long Barrel, Ext. Mags, Fast mag
Long barrel on the Five SeveN and Tac. 45. Ext. mags on the B23R and KAP-40. Fast mag on the Executioner. Sometimes I'll throw on a suppressor as well.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#15
laser sight is only a 27% reduction for smgs. Compare that with the 38% reduction shotguns get or the 45% reduction lmgs get. And fast mags for a shotgun? Silencer being only 10% reduction or quickdraw allowing you to get to your ads spread faster are much more useful
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User Info: KilledByAlisa

4 years ago#16
AR- Stock, QD, Silencer

If I have to explain this, you probably shouldn't be playing this game. :3

SMG- Suppresor, QuickDraw...maybe reflex depending on gun.

QuickDraw makes ADS speed nearly instant combined with Dexterity for SMGs. Considering I spend 80% of my time sprinting...me likey. Silencer because red dots.

Sniper rifles- Don't use.

LMG- previously didn't use but am now a HAMR believer. Silencer,QuickDraw,stock.

Makes the gun somewhat equal to a stock AN94 + Silenced+ big mag. I run & gun with this frequently.

Pistols- Silencer/Fast mag/Reflex
Silencer+ Reflex on five-seven. Wow.

Shotguns- Long barrel/laser/MAYBE fast mag
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User Info: HydraRaptor

4 years ago#17
ARs: Quickdraw Handle, Adjustable Stock, and Reflex Sight.
SMGs: Quickdraw Handle, Long Barrel, and Extended Clip.
LMGs: Quickdraw Handle, Dual Band Scope, and FMJ.
Shotguns: Laser Sight, Long Barrel, and Quickdraw Handle or Fast Mags (for S12 and M1216).
Snipers: Ballistics CPU, Fast Mags, and Dual Band.
Handguns: FMJ, Fast Mags, and Dual Wield.

As previously stated, ARs lack mobility, therefore adding Quickdraw and Stock makes them more mobile, granting them an advantage. The Reflex is for added precision, which is always good.

SMGs have great mobility, but lack range, so Long Barrel is a natural choice. Quickdraw lets you be precise faster, and Extended Clip lets you carry more ammunition, both in you magazine and reserves.

The slow handling of the LMGs makes it such that any aggressive build needs Quickdraw, and FMJ reduces the already low penetration damage penalty. The Dual Band is extremely useful due to it eliminating view kick and lighting up your targets.

Shotguns are weak at a distance, and that's how it should be. The Laser and Long Barrel combo are there to increase the frequency of one shot kills, not to boost range, in my opinion. Quickdraw on the 870 and KSG is extremely useful against one target, because it allows you to minimize your spread and focus your shot better. However, it is much less useful on the other shotguns, making Fast Mags the more suitable option due to their slow reload times.

While there seems to be less sway on snipers than there used to be, the Ballistics CPU reduces it even further and makes it so that holding your breath is more optional than mandatory. Likewise, the Dual Band simply increases and glorifies precision in your shots. Fast Mags is useful for the aggressive sniper that likes to stay in the fight, whether quickscoping or otherwise. A shorter reload is universally beneficial by nature, so it's a given.

Handgun have low penetration naturally, but FMJ bumps it up to AR level penetration, letting you get three and four shot kills through walls instead of five or six, saving ammo and killing faster in certain scenarios. Fast Mags, as stated previously, is universally beneficial, and just makes the swift reload of the handguns faster. Dual Wield is an odd choice, but grants damage buffs to the end of your weapons range, and doubles your firepower, effectively halving your time to kill. Killing faster is always good, but the trade off of not having any means to be accurate at range makes it a toss-up choice.
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User Info: HitokiriFelix

4 years ago#18
Ideally an AR should always be aimed in a gunfight. A laser sight may seem like a good way to combat SMG users, but if you do this you're only fighting them on even ground. What you really want to do is cut off any leverage they may have by getting them at a distance from behind cover as your strafe.

Laser sight works so well for smgs because maneuvers like strafe-jumping and dropshotting involve hipfire no matter what. You'll strafe-jump further if you're firing from the hip, and BO2 mechanics force you into hipfire accuracy as you go prone. Also, extreme CQC may involve scenarios like jumping past the enemy and doing a 180 to keep your aim on them, which you'll want to do hipfiring because of the slowness of ADS turning.
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