So I obviously think I'm great at this game but... How-

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  3. So I obviously think I'm great at this game but... How-

User Info: known2FAIL

3 years ago#1
Will I measure myself against the greats on this board? How do I know that I'm just merly really good but not great compares to some of you guys? Stats obviously don't tell the whole story so how? Back in the smash Bros brawl days we had a system if a champion and 2 runner ups per character. You had to beat a runner up with that character to challenge the champ. Is there a way we can set something similar up? Obviously 1v1 doesn't determine much if anything in a game like this so I gave no ideas here. Anyone got some? Would be fun .
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User Info: HamJabroni

3 years ago#2
1v1 assault shields only
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User Info: DeathChaos25

3 years ago#3
Well, I know I'm bad at this game, but I take pride in it, why?

Because this bad has a better trigger finger than 95% of this board.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

3 years ago#4
If you can win most of your matches and pull positive, then you are one of the better players here.
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User Info: Andrew_Ryann

3 years ago#5
You can't because this is a team game. You can only reliably test team vs team. If you want to compare individuals in anyway, then stats are all you got, because it shows how they did over time in a team setting.

Going to a 1v1, there's nothing to keep track of. You don't have to keep track of where your teammates are, where the enemies are/might be in relation to your team, what objectives may be close being captured, engaging in a fight at such an angle where person 1 can be killed but person 2 cant see you, etc. A 1v1 literally just turns into whoever sees who first. That's why bad players, after losing a team game, will immediately say "1v1 me bro, then we'll see what happens". They think because they have fast aim, they are gods of the duty, and that they only lost the team game because their teammates are lacking the same fast aim ("gunskill" lol). They fail to realize they're just bad at every other aspect of the game that doesn't involve twitch muscle memory.
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  3. So I obviously think I'm great at this game but... How-

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