what is the best map in this game

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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#31
f41lurizer posted...
WorstSniperEver posted...
cifer520 posted...
Standoff is objectively the best map, not necessarily your favorite map but in terms of designing around CoD game mechanics and playstyles it's the best.

Standoff is a fantastic example of the 3 Path map design done properly. Easily the best of the default maps, followed close by Raid and then probably Turbine (as much as I personally don't care for it).

Standoff is the best stock map, followe by raid. Grind is my favorite map to play.

Turbine i think was designed for ground war becausee any other mode and its super slow

This. Three quality maps right there.

User Info: HamJabroni

4 years ago#32
WorstSniperEver posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
f41lurizer posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
yemen is the best map.


no super easy spawn traps (lol slums, hijacked, nuketown, etc and standoff to some extent), good balance of long and short lines of sight, multiple flank routes, enough cover to actually be useful but not clutter the map (ex: overflow), no stupidly broken headglitch spots (lol raid), open enough that streaks actually do something, plays well on most if not all gamemodes.


It's Corner-Camper Paradise almost every game I key word play. On Domination and Hardpoint it isn't as bad, but FFA, TDM, and KC it seems like Yemen is nothing but people hiding in corners. I can't even remember the last time I actually got killed by a guy in an outdoors area who wasn't just on his way to his corner. FFA is the worst - so many games the streets and outdoors are just silent and still because everyone is hiding in a corner with a double-dose of Shock Charge + Bouncing Betty. The last FFA I played on Yemen I came in second, barely shy of first, and the guy in third barely had ten kills because only myself and the first-place dude were actually moving around - everyone else was hiding in their corners.

But let's see...

1. No super easy spawn traps
That's pretty accurate; even when on the wrong end of a Domination match it's hard to actually find yourself trapped

2. Good balancing of long and short lines of sight
This is true, but they're too easily avoidable IMO. It seems to me the only people who fall victim to a player entrenched in one of Yemen's lines of sight are the new/bad players who don't realize there's like a million-and-one ways around it. Which brings me to...

3. Multiple flank routes
More of a 'rat in a maze' feel, to me, than 'multiple flank routes'. So many of the outdoors areas seem either cramped and catered to SMG rushers or are super-exposed to the myriad assortment of buildings and windows where the Target Finders and Snipers tend to gravitate towards. use cover. They are easily counter able I would say Standoff and, to a lesser extent Turbine, have multiple decent flank routes without overdoing it to the extent that Yemen does.

4. Enough cover to actually be useful and not clutter the map
Yes - the cover in Yemen is spot-on. Provided you are engaging foes in the streets. Otherwise it's largely useless against a good player entrenched in the windows.

5. No stupidly broken headglitch spots
None that I know of.

6. Open enough that streaks actually do something
Very true.

7. Plays well on most, if not all, game modes
See my opening rant.

Despite my complaints though, I don't think Yemen is a terrible map - just not the best in the game, not by a long-shot. Standoff, Raid (that one headglitch aside), probably Turbine (another map I don't like), and then potentially either Express or Yemen.
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