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3 years ago#21
f41lurizer posted...
HamJabroni posted...
f41lurizer posted...
it's easier to get a cross map kill with a peacekeeper, and you don't really need the advantage the scorpion gives you (beast up close) because the peacekeeper will basically do the same thing

yeah but with that high rof, you can spew bullets faster can theoretically, win more gunfights, right?

Theoretically, using something like the FAL that will one hit at any range is the best way to win gunfights.
Your logic applies more to core game modes in my opinion.

Meh my logic is something like this

What 2 factors are most important in a gun? damage and rof, yes? Well then in HC damage is thrown out the window because everygun one shots, yes? But theorectically the MSMC is also a good choice considering that it can one shot further out. However, in HC, positioning and awareness is much more valuable. Since you only need one bullet to die, it's safe to assume that you'll be shooting enemies in the back/side. Now consider this, with the high rof of the skorp, you'll have more chances to kill the enemy since you're spewing more bullets compared to the FAL or MSMC
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