I'm convinced that having 3 bars is an advantage

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  3. I'm convinced that having 3 bars is an advantage

User Info: Marinkill

3 years ago#11
The only way I can say for sure that it's an advantage is that three bars is better than one. This week we had some internet problems, and the speed slowed to a crawl. I was stuck with one bar in Black Ops 2, and it seemed like no matter how many bullets I put in someone, I NEVER got a kill. At first I thought I had just not played for a while and that I sucked now, but it was immediately apparent when the speed started climbing again. It was kind of magical. It was as though I had spent days shooting pellet guns at my enemies, and was suddenly given a minigun instead. Though I can't say if three bars has an advantage over four. I hovered on three bars for several games before it finally sped up completely, but I didn't really notice any further difference once it did.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

3 years ago#12
I can agree with that.

I've been in 1 bar lobbies, and it is completely unplayable.
Two bar lobbies already puts you at a major disadvantage.
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User Info: f3rtilizer

3 years ago#13
dcmnt18 posted...
f3rtilizer posted...
so much fail it hurts

Kinda like your FAL nuclear?

no, there is more fail in this topic than in that gameplay
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  3. I'm convinced that having 3 bars is an advantage

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