Do any of the good players rage at this game...?

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  3. Do any of the good players rage at this game...?

User Info: Hellbringner1

3 years ago#1
...or is it just the scrubs?

I play occasionally since the beginning and I do pretty decent, not GREAT but still. I also play mostly by myself because...I usually find people annoying, save exceptions.

I had the privilege to receive a nice message from X gamertag, wishing me and my mom breast cancer lol.

Is this still pretty common? Is it still a matter of life and death when someone loses a match?
Old School beats New Age
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User Info: PancakeThe2nd

3 years ago#2
I've made good players rage and still do.

"Ohhhmagawd" "Woooow realllly?" "Ohhh Ur goooood Kiiiid" "Omg Woooow reallly? Tryhard!"

"Look at this kid!" "1v1 me phagettt" "I hooope U get Canccer"

And im just like: (._. ) chill boi before I make you cry even moar.
(message deleted)

User Info: Croctopus

3 years ago#4
I cause rage. Not because I'm good or anything...I just use the most rage-inducing classes possible.

My favorite is overkill double noob tubes with double C4. Target Finder works great too.

User Info: moon718

3 years ago#5
I actually had a pretty good quickscoper rage at me, then send me hate mail following our TDM match on Nuketown. I always use a Stock + Thermal MK48, and on that map, I like to hold down Red Car and patrol back and forth between that point and Garage/Swing or Greenhouse. As the spawns flip, I head over to catch people coming out of Shuffle or Veg, and almost always get a multi-kill. Got us a VSAT, so my team of randoms also did a good job of killing them. Almost the entire team was sniping, so some of my deaths were pretty annoying.

At the end of the match, I go 26-6 (I happened to be the top scorer), and their top scorer (who went 15-18 and who had been tacscoping the entire time) messaged me:

Him: why are you alive?
Me: Flak jacket helps.
Him: You're f-ing terrible.
Me: Please explain.
Him: You sit there with an LSAT and hold down LT. zero skill.
Me: So what am I supposed to do? Use a Ballista with tac insert like 90% of the community? Or let me guess. Use an SMG with Lightweight and Dexterity.
Him: You should smash your Xbox.
Me: At least you were trying to use logical arguments earlier. Now you sound like a typical whiny hate mail sender.
Him: really? i think im putting up a logical argument... After all, it cant be fun to play like that.
Me: Fun is subjective. Some people think it's fun to run shield and C4. Others think it's fun to camp in a room with trophy systems, a shield, and 870. I would never fault you for quickscoping, even though people hate you guys.
Him: People hate quickscopers? Lol ironic coming from a guy who uses the most hated gun in the game.

Oh, and take a look at his avy... Bwahaha!

I guess he was pissed that I kept EMP grenading his tac inserts and throwing smoke to ruin his attempts at quickscoping. I watched the footage in Theatre, and the guy is pretty good, but it's obvious he was pissed because I threw a monkeywrench into his playstyle.

And the MK48 is the most hated gun in the game? Ha.

User Info: PancakeThe2nd

3 years ago#6
^ dude, that's awesome.

@Fert. Damn.

User Info: StraydoG

3 years ago#7
I gt annoyed but in most cases in due to stupid teammates. Hey lets all play Domination and not play the objective. Now if you were ripping up then you are helping but if you fo 24-22 no your not helping. I will jump on B, teammates close by dont help, wow, thanks guys.... Anyways I could go on and on about annoying an annoying team.

Sometimes its frustrating getting nailed by the same guy and somtimes you just have those games. Like yesterday I couldnt get past my UAV, next map I dropped a double VSAT/EMP. Just happens.
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