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User Info: moon718

3 years ago#11
Many of the snipers I come across are fairly easy kills, while the ones who know who to make use of aim-assist are a little tougher to kill. I generally like to make life hell for them, and they almost quit the lobby either mid-game, or leave right after the game. Some suggestions:

- Equip a stock on whatever gun you're using. I exclusively play with a Stock + Dual Band MK48, and I win the majority of the gunfights I encounter because I am able to anticipate that an enemy player might be head glitching a particular spot or coming around a corner. As such, I'll ADS around a corner. Remember that if a sniper is moving, he has to stop and then ADS to quickscope you. If you are already aiming down the sights, you'll have a slight jump on him and will (usually) be able to put enough bullets into him for the kill as he is scoping in. Even though the MK48 is the slowest firing LMG, I almost always get the kill first - even against players using weapons with higher rates of fire.

- Remember that the best way to anticipate the locations of enemy personnel is to look at your mini map and see where the majority of your team is located; the other team willl be spawning on the *other* side - as long as your team is doing a fairly decent jobs of getting kills. Of course, many snipers like to obviate this strategy by making use of tac inserts. I run Engineer on every class, and when I see lots of equipment, I switch to a Tactician class and throw EMP grenades to force them back to the map's actual spawn points. Thankfully, this game doesn't have the Hiking Simulator's random spawns.

- One tactic that works VERY well for playing against snipers is to use a smoke grenade in conjunction with a Dual Band LMG. One of the reasons that I prefer the MK48 is its near laser beam accuracy. If you know a sniper is hardscoping out of a window, just throw smoke and strafe around. Many times (although not all), they won't expect that, and will just stay scoped in, while you get an easy kill. Smoke is awesome for getting First Blood kills on maps like Studio, Raid, and Slums. I usually get at least a Double, and sometimes even a Triple Kill. A lot of snipers don't like to switch to (or even equip Cold Blooded) because they seem to prefer Toughness and/or Fast Hands a lot more. Smoke is awesome headglitchers, as well. If I am moving from Tractor to A-Dom on Standoff and know that a sniper is hanging out by Hay, I just throw smoke, and casually strafe to the right and always nail them. Burst firing in conjunction with smoke works really well against headglitchers.

Add me, if you'd like, and we'll party up some time. The people with whom I play are almost exclusively SMG, AR, or LMG players, and we rarely lose against snipers. Usually, the entire enemy team goes negative, with the exception of one player.
GT: Father Moon B

User Info: moon718

3 years ago#12
In this match, I played with Doktor Kaboom and his wife against a whole team of snipers on Raid. At least three of them were holding down Kitchen with tac inserts, and I just hung out around Patio, and killed them as they tried to snipe me from Kitchen, B-Dom, or the staircase by Middle. As the spawns flipped, I would pick them off as they spawned in Garage.

As you can see, we did really well:
GT: Father Moon B

User Info: WorstSniperEver

3 years ago#13
lol yeah, some of my highest kill games and/or fastest accumulation of kills are when facing dedicated snipers --- Come hang out with us!
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User Info: cifer520

3 years ago#14
Use the Remington shotgun if you don't want to or don't know how to quickscope with them. Dropshots also help if you're using an automatic instead.

User Info: tryedhard

3 years ago#15
cifer520 posted...
Use the Remington shotgun if you don't want to or don't know how to quickscope with them. Dropshots also help if you're using an automatic instead.

Exactly. Use pistols too, pisses people off. If they start reg gunning run an LMG with TF + stock + QD and hardwired + 2 emps.

User Info: PancakeThe2nd

3 years ago#16
I love throwing an Emp at an enemies fresh scorestreak reward. Especially when an A.G.R. arrives and *Pow* just like that it's gone.

A lot of people say you have to weave to the left and right or flank but in Cod it's useless because of the connection. If I see a sniper and run away around a corner I'll be dead because while I thought I made it, the snipers screen shows that I wasn't past the corner yet.

And it doesn't help that they have 1/1000000000 of 1 second ADS time.

User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#17
I can confirm LMG/Dual Band/Smoke is a pretty good way to counter snipers. I've done it a few times. They don't really expect it and they will just fire blindly into the smoke. I equip suppressor/DB/stock so I can strafe without being spotted.

I also will use Remington with Dexterity and long barrel if they get annoying as well.
"No man should fight any war but his own."

User Info: HamJabroni

3 years ago#18
Smoke Grenade + Dual Band
Riot Shield + Pistol
Playing defensively
C4 spam
EMP spam
C4 + EMP spam
Shotgun/Machine Pistol

All counters to sniping. There's a counter to everything not related to connection.
"People die if they are killed."
-Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night)

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