Why are people so excited to play another WoW clone?

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  3. Why are people so excited to play another WoW clone?

User Info: slvrmsngr

4 years ago#21
bluemagic221 posted...
Just curious.

Because Elder Scrolls games are fun and hopefully this game will be fun too.

User Info: Chaotic Warrior

Chaotic Warrior
4 years ago#22
You must really not be looking at the design of this game. It isn't a wow clone in the least, and no matter how you put it, of course MMO's will all share certain concepts with eachother.

Oh and did you know that ever quest was out before WoW? Since you think everything is a WoW clone I will assume you didn't.
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User Info: Undead587

4 years ago#23
I wouldn't go as far as saying this is a WoW clone, but I am pretty skeptical about new MMORPGs. Not a single one has lasted me more than a month since I quit playing WoW a few years ago.

I wager this one will be no different. I will wait about 6 months after release to decide if it's worth my time.

User Info: Nitharad

4 years ago#24
Well ... it has a big name and legacy to generate hype.

User Info: Brotoo

4 years ago#25
A mmo clone isn't exactly the same as what it was cloned from. This makes the clone of a clone far different from just a clone. Hence, why the massive amount of WoW clones are eerily similar to each other but just fall short in comparison to WoW.

People complain more in regards to MMOs because there's much fewer options in comparison to other genres. The FPS market has Battlefield 3, CoD, TF2, Counter-strike and unique single player ones like Bioshock, Metro 2033, Spec ops:the line, and many more. Those are each significantly different types of FPS games, much more unique than the next Rift, Aion, or such.

As for this game, almost no hype. I'll wait a few months after it releases and look at gameplay/reviews, more than likely it'll be a WoW copy but maybe not.

User Info: Revival125

4 years ago#26
Echidneys posted...
Hahaha oh WoW.

This won't be a WoW clone, because it will be good.
Just because it's an MMORPG doesn't mean it's copying something else. I thought TES would work fine as an MMO and they're doing just that.

I thought TOR would be good. I thought LOTRO would be good I thought Conan would be good I thought the Secret World would be good I thought Aion would be good I thought Tera would be good I thought Rift would be good I thought Star Trek Online would be good I thought DCUO would be good etc etc e.t.c

See a pattern here?

MMO's suck. We all get suckered into the hype and on paper everything sounds great but then reality strikes. MMO's are an unsustainable genre. The last good one was Ultima Online. The reason? No fancy gimmicks it was just a damn good game that had a great PLAYER community spirit, not some manufactured crap so they could sell a "story" on the back of the box with "5000000 spoken words of dialogue" or whatever.

User Info: SephirothSama

4 years ago#27
Now be careful on saying all mmo's suck. Personally, I love LoTRO, and in many ways I think it is a superior game to WoW even though it follows the traditional formula. It just didn't have what WoW had when it game out (good marketing, large video game fanbase from earlier Blizz titles, lack of direct competition, etc).
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User Info: GaMeFr33k

4 years ago#28
Because it takes the best from WoW's PvE and the best from Tera/GW2's PvP and combines them with better combat (left click to attack and power up attacks, and right click to block). It has 1 server where you can choose the type of people to play with, and the lore/story that is WAY better and more interesting than GW2/Tera and any other MMO besides SWTOR. SWTOR was just generic, boring, non-detailed, and had nothing COOL from Star Wars, like maybe flying your ship around, ship pvp, better real time combat, more detail and livelyhood in the world (after all these are WORLDS and CITIES should be brimming with action, events, people, vehicles. They just couldn't pull it off, Titan will though.

ESO takes the best from the best and adds more.
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User Info: IqarP15

4 years ago#29
To me both Elderscrolls and Warcraft came out at like the same time back in 1994 as far as I can tell and even from a MMO pov TES: Online wouldn't be a clone. Only way a MMO would be a clone is "IF" it looked exactly like another MMO such as how Tera looks almost exactly like Aion.
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