error 301?

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User Info: Larollexie

3 years ago#1
does that mean to many people trying to log in?
PSN: Kamonosuke

User Info: ShyOx

3 years ago#2

Keep trying, it'll happen eventually.

I'm gonna run to the store and grab some brewskies, hopefully when I get back things will have settled a bit.

User Info: ball00nknot

3 years ago#3
i dont know but im getting the same error..

User Info: spiderbite2

3 years ago#4
heavy traffic keep trying says beta forum

User Info: Larollexie

3 years ago#5
kk ty
PSN: Kamonosuke

User Info: sora253

3 years ago#6
same here .. just heavy traffic keep trying tho
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