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User Info: TheUltraSasuke

5 years ago#11
ShadowBanjo posted...
I like Argonians and all, but damn, that's a dick move.

But they'll regret it when the Nerevarine finally comes back with a ton of sweet weapons and his Flaming Sword to beat the **** out of them.

The one who whoops ass.
The only true student of your lord and savior, TheSuperItachi.

User Info: Pokegami

5 years ago#12
You're underestimating the Argonian Empire. Once the Cyrodiils collapsed and they took over most if not all of Morrowind, it's hard to think that they didn't take over some of eastern Cyrodiil, especially Blackwood. The placement of Ayleid ruins in the area (line of Telepe, Arpenia, Atatar, Welke, Wendelbek, and Malada in Oblivion) makes me think that they were watchtowers and Blackwood (including the site of Leyawiin) was originally Argonian.
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User Info: Pimphandstrong9

5 years ago#13
Always best to attack when the enemy is weak and disorganized. Kicking someone while they are down is very effective.
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User Info: HK69

5 years ago#14
Sorry but argonians all the way. After the way they've been treated i don't blame them at all, not to mention i'm heavily biased. Love the lizards.

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