If I side with the Cullens...

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User Info: Shoten

5 years ago#1
... do I sparkle in the sun?
"It's a game where you drive a motorcycle into space and punch god into the sun." -- Mupod Negnirt, about Bayonetta.

User Info: J_Dawg983

5 years ago#2
I hope so.
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User Info: ItamuM

5 years ago#3
Does Barry Manilow know you that you raid his wardrobe?

User Info: assassinreaper

5 years ago#4
No the game just kills you.
Please excuse my grammar I'm an American teenager.

User Info: Vanilla_Funk

5 years ago#5
M O O N - That spells Sparkle.

Thats what Tom Cullen says.
Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

User Info: dokukaeru

5 years ago#6
Vanilla_Funk posted...
M O O N - That spells Sparkle.

Thats what Tom Cullen says.

The book was sooo much better than the made for tv series with rob lowe and molly ringwald. I wish they would remake that or make the gunslinger.
People that dont believe in evolution are like people that dont believe in computers.

User Info: JackNurSnakPack

5 years ago#7
No, Blade jumps out of a side alley and kills you with a sweet A** sword. The way the Twilight books and movies should have ended.
"Lighthouses are more usefull than churches" - Benjamin Franklin-

User Info: spartansjase

5 years ago#8
Team Dawnguard!
"Not all those who wander are lost" - GT:JRBMaximus

User Info: Canusares

5 years ago#9
What's a Cullen?
Down 1 imminent

User Info: SpawnShadow

5 years ago#10
If you side with the Cullens, I automatically side with the Belmonts.
"Mjolnir: apply directly to the forehead."
Wanna know how to keep an idiot busy for hours on end? See quote for details!

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